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I received a pop-up message that Alveo is not supported on the MAC.
Any advice?

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 9:20pm


Alveo is not supported on the Mac operating system, I run a mac and use Parallels to run windows on my Mac. I know there is also VM fusion ware or just using Bootcamp.

Unfortunately, Alveo will only run on Windows.

Good Luck and Happy Trading.


I love my MAC but as you already found out most trading software (including Alveo) will not run on it.

I have come to find 3 solutions to the problem which work to different degrees:

1.) You can Dual boot the MAC, so basically you create a Windows partition and boot to that.
2.) You run Parallels or Wine (another "wrapper" program) and run it in a window which has its limitations.
3.) Buy windows machine. It doesn't have to be the "latest and greatest" machine your not running really graphics intensive software. This is what I have personal chosen to do to eliminate the issues that always came up with the "wrapper" programs for MAC. So I have my MAC and my WIN monitors on my desk next to each other and run the trading software on the WIN machine and do everything else on the MAC on the other monitor.

Good Luck I hope that helps.


I use Apiary's virtual private server (VPS). I think price varies by the memory or size (maybe both?) of the VPS you choose. I think I have the cheapest, $25/month. I have Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac (a free Mac app) installed on my Mac.I open Microsoft Remote Desktop, connect to the Apiary VPS, and run Alveo from the VPS. It's very easy and very reliable. I use three different platforms simultaneously to trade three different products. I have seen absolutely no difference in performance between Alveo running on the Apiary VPS and my other two platforms running on my Mac.

Happy Trading!


I put off buying a Mac because of the issues with running Windows programs, but now that I have used one for the last 2 years, I don't think I will ever go back to a PC. I first tried the Wine program and for some reason that I don't recall I could never get it to work well. As dkgshooter pointed out, Apple will allow a second Boot partition which you can install Windows in. The problem with that is you must switch OS every time you want to switch between MAC & Windows programs. The best solution is to purchase Parallels, install it (you do not need to install "Boot Camp" and it is better if you don't) and then Windows and all Windows programs you want. Run Parallels in Coherance mode and you can seamlessly switch between Apple & Windows programs. Another advantage to running Parallels is they now have remote access so you can check and manage your trades on your iPhone or iPad by installing the Parallels Access App.

Hope this helps.


So, basically MAC users have to pay more to get started?