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multi screens

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multi screens

does anyone use multi screens for trading. if so whats a good size to use

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 10:10pm

I have dual screens. Dell 30" monitors. they work great! gives me lots of room to work with.

Im considering selling these and getting a new style wide format monitor. perhaps a 35-38" LG.
I can save space and get the higher resolution in the new monitors. 4k and up.

Multi-monitors seem cool at first but then you need multiple video cards and sometimes the screens dont line up properly.

keep in mind also, having multiple screens will bring ALOT of heat to your tradestation. Those things get hot after running for a few hours.

If your going to go Multi, make sure you have the right video cards with enough outputs.


thanks djfono


This past year I purchased a "gaming" computer, and I've found that with the graphics/video card and the processor designed for high intensity video activity, multiple screens do not overheat the computer and help me to keep my eye on a few trades at once. So, multiple screens? Not a necessity, but nice extra if you can afford it.


oops, sorry I didn't respond to the question about size; I feel that's personal preference. One way to find out is to go to a local video/electronics store, even a big box store like Best Buy (if in the US) and look at different screens. See what appeals to your eyes and focus. Curved? High res? I think it's a personal preference but one that you should take into account before spending $$ on multiple monitors.


Thank you. I have wanted to do multi screens for trading. I have a better idea what to ask Santa for Christmas.



Having multiple screens really does help. I have two 27 inch monitors mounted over/under on a pole stand with the computer hanging in a bracket on the pole behind the monitor. I have a small UPS next to it to provide backup power just in case. I do my trading at work an hour before I start, during lunch and check for a few quick opportunities before I leave work so I set this up in the corner of my office cube. The over/under set up keeps the footprint small while giving me lots of windows desktop space to work in.




Yes Laketrader I upgraded from 1 monitor to 2 monitors about 3 years ago. I was a member of the Apiary community as well as Trading Advantage for futures trading. I saw that the best trader with Trading Advantage had 8 monitors so I began looking into upgrading my 4 monitor set up( upgraded from 2 about 1 year later). But I found that the price did not work out since I had already upgraded from 2 to 4. My computer guy built me a computer with 5 monitors for about $ 750.00. That has worked well.
My 4 monitors on the 1st computer has an LG monitor I got from Best Buy for $ 150.00. It is 29" wide. So that set up works well for me. I have Alveo on the 2nd computer with five monitors. Also on that 2nd computer I have my Charles Schwab account where I trade stocks.
I don't trade futures any more. Instead I am a Fast Tracker with Scott Barkley at who teaches forex target trading. That program teaches you to trade with the Big Boys( Largest bankers) and I have a 4 day a week class for about 2.5 hours daily. I use the large monitor on the first computer to follow Scott and use his software . I follow the forex market with Scott's software but trade my Apiary account from Alveo from the 1st. computer. It works great.


I plan on buying a Cemtrex Workstation once I get established. 3 screens. Would be good for making instructional videos if you are running your own group too.

Cemtrex SmartDesk

Cemtrex Workstation is nice, but the price tag Starting at $2,499 will have to what for a while. very Cool Workstation.


My multi monitor setup is the economy version compared to the ones above. I have a $400 laptop with a 15" screen that runs all my trading software, internet connection etc., nothing fancy but enough power/memory to run Alveo and a couple of instances of MT4 concurrently, Chrome, Excel etc.. My second montior is a $100 24" montior plugged into the monitor port of the laptop. The two screens are setup as an extended desktop using the facility in win10 which lets me move windows from one screen to the other fairly seamlessly.

My setup's not in the same league as some of the ones talked about in this thread but I still find it very useful to have the second screen for e.g. montoring news while trading, multi-timeframe trading, doing stats in excel while trading etc. If you're considering a multi monitor setup but not sure if it's benficial for you, it might even be possible to borrow a monitor to "try before you buy".