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Multi Time frame- Strategy

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Multi Time frame- Strategy

Utilizing 4 different time frame 15 min /1 hours / 4 hours / Day

Start with the Daily or the 4 hours time frame and establish potential Zone or area in the chart that showed in the past pair had failed at that level ( meaning didn't continue past it ) or around the 127.2 and 161.8 extension level of a previous Fib run / The Failed also could be a trendline(meaning it would bounce off the trendline )

Look for a confirmation on the lower time frame meaning - Small range candle / RSI overbought or oversold / high volume but small candle ( bull and the bear are fighting for the price ).

Place the stop right below / above the level rejected the price - Target price to 200 MA on Hourly with a minimum of 2.5/1 Reward to risk ratio

idea behind this strategy High reward for little risk

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 2:19pm