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multiple monitors

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multiple monitors

was wondering if anyone has a computer with multiple monitors and if the alveo platform works on it  

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 8:56pm

I use my laptop with a separate monitor. Works fine.


I have a desktop with two side by side 22" monitors. You can use as many monitors as you want. They work best with HDMI


I use two monitors all the time. I have never had a broblem.


Laptop with a separate monitor for me as well


I use a 32 for Alvero, my upper 17 inch for forexfactory charts , and laptop to search other tools.

RickyBobby's Office.jpg

I've been wondering what monitor set-up would work best for myself, got some good ideas from you all.


If you are using more then one pc to create your trading 'wall' consider looking at ; 'Mouse without Borders' it's 100% FREE from Microsoft and allows one to virtually connect upto four pc's / and their monitors together while controlling everything with the use of a single keyboard and mouse. Finding this software gem was a life saver.

Here is my basement setup...


Thanks Jean I will check that out It is annoying when you realize you have been using the wrong keyboard


I bought a 4 monitor stand from amazon. very reasonable. I also got a new Desktop. A Dell with 2 TB Quad processor. I upgraded from 8 to 32 GB ram and including stand all was under 500. I thought that was reasonable. Room to expand too. Stand holds up to 25 inch monitors, mine are just 22. Also got 3 yr warranty. Having a good sale now if anyone is looking. Refurbished even cheaper.


@Rickybobby Nice setup
@dizzy Thanks for the info


cool setup's I like the whole multi monitor idea a lot. And did you know you can spread out your Alveo charts across multiply monitors. Just drag and drop.


I have 5 displays going on my laptop at the same time. I have the display from the laptop itself and I also have a VGA port and a Display port. However, to get the additional displays, I'm using two USB 3.0 to HDMI adaptors.
I could add more monitors with a USB 3.0 hub and then multiple USB to HDMI adaptors, but I just don't have enough desk space.
And besides, 5 displays is more than adequate for my purposes.
Having said that... I also have another computer running Windows 10 which I connect to through Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. In the parameters for the connection, I select to use all monitors for the remote connection. Once I connect to the remote computer all my five displays are now being made available to my remote computer. It's like I have 10 displays available to me. I just switch between the two computers.

The key here is the USB to HDMI adaptors. They're worth looking into.


This is how I roll.... :)



Allen, I would be cross eyed mate, bet that some getting used too!!!

I use a dual monitor set up. One for my charts, that charts can easily be dragged across if I am waiting on a News Breakout effecting a couple of pairs, but predominately the second monitor is used for my Statistics, Forex Factory and Breaking News They are KEY to my trading.



I actually think about adding another 2 monitors to the mix (I have 2 quad Video cards) :)

Depending on the S&w of currencies I have between 9-12 charts up, my order display an MT4 instance and all the news stuff. Lol

Pirate Tom

I have monitor envy!!! Of course when you live on a 30' sailboat...oh well! I'm hooking up my second one tomorrow! :)


Yo Pirate Tom what make of money pit is it? I used to live on a 38 foot Ericson all rigged with swedish steal. A very nice money pit...

Pirate Tom

Hey RookieBond!

Love the classic glass! I'm living on a friends 30' Newport right now. I am in the process of acquiring my Valiant 40' real soon! That's what I will be headed to Mexico on in the late summer.

TODAY THOUGH!?!..........(Drum roll......) SECOND MONITOR! :) :) :)

Oh, I'm getting there!!! :)


Looks Good Tom, MT4 on the left, Alveo on the right


Seems my trading skill hasn't reached beyond 1 display yet...


Monitor Madness,

Used to have 6 monitors just like Allen, same post and everything. Had to cut back when we moved onto the boat; something the Admiral, aka, my-better-half, suggested in an understated manner along the lines of, "NO WAY!!!"

Now I use an ASUS laptop that stores in a waterproof case (included) and is also shatterproof (tested here on-board). It comes with two detached monitors making three of the same size altogether and a mouse software that works like the setup Jean-Francois described. Thing is, I only use the laptop now. No dedicated news stream. Simple, focused, capable of riding-out pesky gale-force winds.

@Pirate, I presume you are a live-aboard sailor. Which coast, and harbor?
We are in Southern California at the Ventura West Marina. Good surfing near-by.

Fair winds,



That's such kewl beans.


Just got this cool little thingy in the mail today. A Mountie+ It lets me use my iPad as a second wireless monitor with my laptop. Now I've got two monitors, does that make me a real trader ;)



I have a two monitor setup. first monitor is used to display the 2 pairs that I trade. second monitor displays Alveo only.


and my third is for classes and forex videos!
Just hooked up the third one today!


Norma Jenner

Allen, I thought there would be a doggie bed under your desk for your trading partner. Now I no longer think I know the secret of your success

BC David

At this stage, so new and just learning how to read price action, I think one good sized monitor for me is sufficient. I have a laptop connected to a 24". Maybe one day I'll grow up and get to play with the big kids :)


once I went multi I could never go back ;

is it necessary? no, but life is short so better enjoy it :)


er...i got two screens and have my trading rules tattoo'd on my chest in mirror writing.


As discussed in Rex's Navigators group last night - here's the original thread I wrote with the other option


Lurking again ugh JF... )


I put my Alveo chart sometimes on all or part of my 40inch TV. and the other part on my laptop. Can watch YouTube TV also on same TV while trading, with split screen on TV by toggling the size .


I just tried out the Mouse Without Borders app that Jean-Francois mentioned. I love it! I wish I had known about this years ago.

I can operate apps on my laptop PC using the mouse and keyboard on my desktop PC. I can also easily transfer files between the two PCs. I like this almost as much as chocolate . . . almost.

Thanks Jean-Francois.


lol - glad you like it - it sure did simplify things for me too, and it removes the odd chance of type on the wrong keyboard (by removing it) which always seems to be at worst possible time.


I am using a laptop and a desktop. But after reading your comments I am thinking about going multi.


I use two monitors and sometime it have problem due to memory.


Hi all,

I started in to the multiple monitor world at work a few years ago.. uhm.. not sure how many now that I think about it really.. because having more than one monitor provides just so much more room for multi-windowing. I am so much more efficient when I can see more things at once.

My son is one of many now days who was presented with his school providing curriculum online where the students would use chrome books to watch presentations, do research, take exams, get tutoring, etc.. so he got to thinking.. either I can use a 11" chrome book OR.. use my water cooled gaming computer with three 24" monitors... easy choice! So we home school him now since everything is online any way. He is able to be looking at his homework, have research sites up on both sides of his assignment. He powers through his homework so much more efficiently and his grades are very good. He loves it.. what's not to love eh?

As for me, I figured that I use two monitors for work and I have a small cuby in an office with this corner it where an over/under dual monitor on a pole setup works just great. I bought a little Micro form computer, two 27" monitors off of Amazon for about $180 each, mounted it all on a pole and as you can see.. it fits in my cube just fine.. and gives me a place where I can study, keep up on news, do training and trading from about an hour before work, on break, during lunch, and about an hour after work. It is super convenient. I love it.

Good topic! Some nice pictures. Having good tools really helps.

Mjr-GameCenter1.jpg MyLittleTradingStation3a.jpg

Here are my monitors.


Aaron you can't do that without a pic, I mean come on buddy....let's get with the program here..:)


Truth be told I have a six monitor setup. With Alveo though, I actually only trade on one of the screens. Just go from daily to hourly, and then I trade on the 5 minute. The extra monitors are nice but I think we sometimes get too complicated and that can mess with your trading. Now what did help was having a laptop where I could draw on the screen using Windows Ink, man, that really helped me figure out the markets fast.


I do have Multiple screen but to be honest. I tried but it didn't worked.

Khaja Syed


I use 2 setups, sometimes at the same time, but only trade on Alveo on one of them.

1. Desktop with 27" main monitor and 23" monitor on the right.
2. Dell laptop with docking station on the left connected to the same 2 monitors.

I use a HDMI swap box for the monitors and a USB keyboard/mouse swap box for those.
I like the laptop/docking station best because it gives me the 3 monitors if you include the laptop itself.

I would love to use mouse without borders, but I would want to add 2 more monitors for that and I would want them all to be the same size - 27". I would run the laptop and 2 monitors on the bottom and the desktop and 2 other monitors on the top. Then I could employ mouse without borders as it was truly meant to be!

Thanks everybody for all the ideas!

-John Ponicki


Add all the computers you want up to six that I can see as for monitors off one computer I have tested up to three but I have seen no limitations.


2 monitors work perfectly for me, too. Laptop for all work / research related tasks and the larger monitor to run Alveo. Fully sufficient.

I've just moved my desk out of my home office (home office is now a guest room again) into my open living room area. Much better. Before I've had a smaller room as my home office, but it had not much view, was a quite dark, not much daylight and sat inside the office for hours isolated. In the beginning it was cool and I was focused on more monitors, later it started to annoy me to be isolated and I put more focus on a seamless working environment.

Now I've integrated my trading desk completely into my living area, can walk around the living room, go outside, always are aware of the charts without starring at them constantly. It's easier to wait for a better setup for 20 more minutes when walking around the house, have a lot of light and do daily stuff than only starring at a screen for 1-2 hours non-stop.

The desk at front right is from my wife, same setup, it's pretty relaxed now, we can have very romantic conversations together, like ... key support level approaching, honey!

IMG_8163.JPG IMG_8189.JPG
Mike S.

Seems Alveo upgrades are finally working. 'Close all orders' red x mark finally works, executions are processed fast, and reminder to disable system status button to prevent freezes, new trailing stop button... looking good... goodbye mt4!


I might look at a multi monitor setup in the future but for now all I use is a laptop and it works fine for me, plus it means I can trade from anywhere.


I use one monitor and focus on two currency pairs...EUR and GBP/USD. I trade M15 TF and use a H4 TF to determine trend direction. I only trade in the direction of the trend...never against it on the pull backs. I place 10 positions at a time and make 300 to 900 pips a day trading this way. I've tried using multiple monitors in the past...too confusing to me. Keep it simple. If I could figure out a way to trade from my phone I would ditch the desk top all together and dock my monitor and keyboard to my phone. The technology is maybe 6 months away. I also trade the eminis on the same monitor. But, if trading on multiple screens is your thing, don't let me dissuade you. Success comes from a good trading plan, a strategy that you have mastered, and proper risk management. Can't stress the last point enough. Been locked out of my account enough to learn that one. Best of luck to all of you in your trading experience.


Does anyone here at apiary have a falcon trading system? If so how does it work for you? How many monitors do you have and use? I am looking into getting one with 3 - 4 monitors would like your opinion if you like yours. thanks in advance.


My son has one he used for gaming and college ran everything including 4K, it was expensive and never has had an issue. It is still his main PC after about 7 years. He now says in hind site he would not have purchased it.

I just got a new Dell Inspiron for 1K including tax, shipping what both solid state and 1T HD. (without monitors) the Nvidia video cards were too expensive to upgrade for me. I run two sometimes three monitors from it

I run office pro and Alveo with a lot of other windows open and music or video running all at the same time. it is almost instantaneous anything, I am very pleased with it.

I like to build my own PC's and maybe could have saved a few bucks but this works and I am very pleased with it.


Thanks this is exactly what I wanted to know. I have a old Inspiron laptop and two dell monitors. Have had the laptop for 5 or 6 years and was thinking about upgrading. With this information I will just get a bigger and faster processor in a new Inspiron. Thanks for your help.


I went with an I7 Processor version 7 with 4 cores, I have never used a 3 or 5. The new I7 version eight is available and it's about a $400 upgrade. I'm sure its a supper processor but I haven't read up on it. Agin, I went with 16 gigs of ram and it was a small upgrade for the 8 offered but 32 or more was big bucks.

I have attached the configuration.

The only drawback is I like options and to tinker or upgrade at will, even at my age. I'd have to open it but I'm thinking there may be only one open tiny PCIe slot. There are ways around that as well but I think I'm going out of having everything my way. The pips are a learning me...

Dell configuration.txt 2.34 KB



One more comment most HDTV's, especially over 32 inches, are not as clear as a real monitor. For example, I have a 10-year-old gateway 24" that is not a good as my new 32" Samsung. so I looked it and sure enough, there aren't enough pixels per square inch.
You can buy an HDTV but there are fairly expensive.

I'm going to get a new monitor and retire my HDTV to the bedroom that I originally purchased it for. Dell also has some of the best monitors at around $400-500 when you get over 32" so is the comparable price point.


I have a six monitor setup but for those who wonder, I only trade forex on one. The other's are used to monitor Stocks, Crypto, News, show my email, and to watch YouTube channels and shows. Do you need it? Depends what kind of trader you are, I like to go for speed so the extra monitors are nice. Can you trade on a laptop? Of course, I trade on a 13" laptop all the time.

Computer Setup

I was wondering if I could impose on "cuttoheal" to post an equipment list for his multi-monitor, Asus set up. I'm getting ready to change my equipment and I'm going with a laptop, 3 screen configuration (including the laptop screen). Hope to have this ready to go over the weekend.
Jim G.


I would like to get a stand up desk or a better chair, right now I have a drum throne. I have one screen with windows' multiple workspaces. These set ups inspire me to change my trading environment. It may help change my mind set also. very nice.


I just purchased parts for my new build. Its set up for 8 monitors. I didn't buy high end graphic cards because I don't play games I think these will work just fine. If your interested in building a computer have a look at this site it's were I got the parts list from.

NZXT PHANTOM ATX Full Tower Case - White (PHAN-001WT)

Asus optimized Z170 ATX HDMI DVI-D Dual DDR4 3400 LGA1151 socket for 6th Gen Intel Pro Gaming Motherboards (Z170 PRO GAMING)

Qty 2- 2 of Sapphire AMD FirePro V3900 1GB DDR3 DP/DVI-I PCI-Express Graphics Card Graphics Cards 100-505860

Mushkin REACTOR 1TB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 2.5 Inch SATA III 6Gb/s MLC 7mm MKNSSDRE1TB

CORSAIR RMx Series, RM1000x, 1000 Watt, Fully Modular Power Supply, 80+ Gold

Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM Optical Drive DRW-24B1ST (Black)

be quiet! BK019 Dark Rock Pro 3 - CPU Cooler - 250W TDP- Intel LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 & AMD Socket AM2(+)/AM3(+)/FM1/FM2/754/939/940

Intel BX80677I77700 Core i7-7700 Desktop Processor 8M Cache, 3.6GHz (Max Turbo Frequency 4.20GHz) 7th Generation

QTY 2- G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB (2x4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Intel Z170 Platform / Intel X99 Platform Desktop Memory F4-2400C15D-8GVR

Windows 10


Thanks for the spec list


Does anyone use a Microsoft Surface?