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My 3rd efford to introduce myself

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My 3rd efford to introduce myself

After completeing all of my Beeline task, I have come to the "introduce Yourself" task and I'm at a loss as to what you expect. In two previous try's I have discussed my health, and time, and ask how 4x was any different from binary options.

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 2:16am

Hi, Randall:

I tried binary options once, but lost all of my money. I've found that building a systematic approach to developing my trading system here at Apiary has been very helpful. Maybe now that I have a system I would do better in binary options! But, I felt that my binary options provider was a crook and I couldn't get my remaining money back out of my account when I decided to close the binary options account. I like Apiary's business model here, where they actually pay you a percentage of your profits to trade. I'm hoping to reach my funded status soon; maybe in the next couple of months? Best of luck to you!


Randall, you are posting this in the wrong forum, you need create the topic you need to select "Introduce Yourself" topic from the bottom of the Forum list

Also I find there is a lag to doing the action and it reflecting on your beeline.
I downloaded the Alveo, logged in, then looked at my beeline INSIDE the platform and it told me the "Download Alveo" task is not complete!

So maybe post in the right forum then wait a bit.


Binary options, yeah, I did this too, made money actually, but the brokers just never paid out (fought for several months) then they vanished.

Lots of issues with BO though, one of the main ones being the trades only pay out around 0.6-0.8R, so you need to maintain a high strike rate to be successful in long term, which is hard to do.

With ESMA now banning (or threatening too) BO brokers from EU and US regulations, I think most BO brokers will now be offshore and unregulated, thus a high chance of having my experience, not getting your money back!