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My Current Strategy

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My Current Strategy

This is my current strategy. It has worked pretty consistently for me when I have followed it. Sometimes I get stupid and veer away from it and that usually gets me in trouble. Just about to move on to Gold I.

I use a SMA(35) along with a HMA(18). I also use stochastic, ADX and CCI. If price closes above the SMA than I am looking for buys and if below the SMA than sells. I am also looking for price to be close to the HMA and the candles to be above the HMA with it turned up for buys and the candles to be below the HMA and the HMA turned down for sells. I am also looking for stochastic to cross up and CCI to be pointed up for buys and just the opposite for sells. I use the ADX to tell me the momentum of buyers vs. sellers. I use the 1 hour and day charts to see the overall trend but trade off the 15 minute chart. I also time my trades off the opening and closing of the candles. I use a 12 pip stop loss but will exit sooner if the indicators change. I use a 24 pip take profit but will take profit sooner if indicators change  and will let the profit run if the setup still looks good.

I am also now implementing trend lines and support/resistance a lot more which is helping a lot.

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 3:45pm

My self have tried many different variations and tools and decided that lets just make this as simple as possible. only using candles, added 50 sma to easily see trend, reg macd and 3/10 macd adjusted. I think most of my issues where too short of SL for my style of intermediate trading. Between bronze and copper and silver I put on and closed close to 3000 trades. A decent amount of that was on multiple positions on same pairs most in bronze. I think Ill be done with silver 3 here in december and just turned silver 3 NOV 30th. Not really sure how I got through silver 1 and 2 other than making many trades. I try to keep it as simple and clean as possible now since I have tried so many variations and a lot of indicators, which really ended up confusing myself, haha well have a good weekend all.