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My favorite pair

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My favorite pair

I like EUR/USD more than other pairs.

Sat, 05/18/2019 - 2:30pm

I am still trying to figure which pair I like. I think I would stick with the most popular for starters and branch out when I am more comfortable.
Happy Trading!

Nick Sammy

from a spread stand point I like to scalp the eurusd. Also, trading the EUR/USD on a daily basis gives me a feeling of being one with the chart and news.

For long term trading, I'll trade anything using simple MA crossovers or HMA89, on a daily chart.


I like the pairs that move..., most often that is the GBP pairs during the London session


EUR/USD is my favorite pair.


Me too, I have traded it almost exclusively, it seems to speak to me the most of any market.


I love the metals - XAU, XAG


I feel the most confident with the EUR/USD for now but could always add more later.


Does anyone like the EUR/JPY? I follow it most often. I like knowing the pairs high and lows. Lately, it has been trading on a downward slide.


I like the usdjpy and the eurusd. They are opposite, so when one is going down the other one is going up most times. I also like the eurjpy.


@getsitdone1 - I love the EURJPY - I even named my boat after the pair, it was the pair that pretty much bought it ;)



What is the best pair to trade for scalp trading and the best time to do it?

Mikel B

I have been having good results lately with USD/CAD and GBP/JPY. EUR/USD was my bread and butter but I've made a lot more pips with these two new pairs.


I traded the EUR/USD when I started here because Shawn trades it, but I've tried other pairs, and since the requirements like 25-5-24 and beyond in Silver require longer term trading than I'm used to, I'm looking for a good trending pair that will help me pass. No favorites yet. I really had fun when Gold rallied a couple of days ago, but I got over confident and lost it all and more the next day. Much to learn about avoiding that stuff.


I faced the same challenges in Silver. I chose EUR/JPY.


EUR/USD have the most volume of all the pairs, in my opinion.