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My new strategy

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My new strategy

I started using the alignment strategy and loving it! 

I look at different currency pair and see if it is aligned. I learn to keep the lot size comfortable enough not to make myself jump in and out of trades. 

I also look at BB and support and resistance. 

Stop losses, give it enough room. Stick to the plan and keep emotions in control. 

Sun, 01/12/2020 - 10:31pm

Glad it's working for you mindykim. what time frames do you use?


and is it for short term or long term mindykim?


I have been going through all the pairs to find shotgun trades at about 9-10 eastern. Then I settle on a pair to scalp, usually the GBP/JPY, and do some additional scalping and wobbling. If one of my 1st shotgun pairs is still in that alignment, I will go back and take a few more of those trades. So far, this is working nicely for me in the new year. I like using a 4 pip target, so I can net 3 pips average.