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My Plan for Gold II

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My Plan for Gold II

I made it to Gold II by using my perception of Price Action Candlesticks, and I'm almost satisfied with my strategy. I use 4 MA's (8EMA, 20 SA, 50SA and 200SA), but only to give me a perspective to the chart. I've been working very hard for the past 30-40 days on improving my proficiency in recognizing candlestick movements, but I understand that it takes time to actually see what's going on with the subtle moves. Maybe by the time I reach funding I may have enough knowledge to get by day-to-day.

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 3:50pm

jp, you will gain a lot as you go along in being able to recognize what is going on with the market as candles form. Experience is the only way this will happen, and patience is the key. Good luck as you progress through Gold II.


Try using the Sneak Thief with EMAs. (set at 8/13/21/34/55). I find it very easy to assess.
I also use Price Action as my 1st and then look at the indicator/


I agree. Waiting and watching is the only way to begin to understand candlesticks, their patterns, and price movement.
All the best indicators in the world can;t compete with real experience.


I use candlesticks quite a bit. I placed my candlestick patterns on flash cards in order to help me learn them faster. I take them out and review them anytime I have a few minutes of free time.


I'm more on price level action rather than candle as it can be deceiving.