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Hello I'am Lester Sasher and I work as a server at a restaurant and I also been trading stock for a while of course I have not been very successful or I would not be here I also study a FOREX course called Market Traders Institute they happen to be good but I'am looking for more new ways to find more knowledge and education so when I looked at the Apiary Fund videos they happen to be very attractive to me so that's why I signed up for this course I' am so excited with this course I can't wait to start trading with them.

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 10:35am

I was wondering if I need to pay those $97 a month for the platforms if I already have a FOREX platform I pay for .


It says I have 14 day free trial to test this program to see if I will pay or not the $97 a month for the platform but on the e-mail I received it say I have a 30 day free trial. Please explain because I might need more than 14 days to test this program .


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Hi Lester: in short, no, you can't. All traders are required to complete their trading regardless of their level of experience and also pay their dues of 97 per month. It is a PROGRAM. Yes, we all have forex platforms for which we pay or don't pay, whatever (no need to pay for a platform, your broker will supply it to you free of charge). But generally, Apiary is great for beginners like you - traders with 1-5 years of experience are considered beginners. The program tests your agility, endurance, patience, discipline...consider it like the military bootcamp or a Trading Academy :0). Missions and quests and challenges get progressively harder and harder.
In Addition, Apiary software (Alveo) tracks your progress and statistics as well as counts your actions towards the "beeline" quests.
Good luck :)