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My Simple Trading Strategy

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My Simple Trading Strategy

I use a 3 ema and a 8 ema. A 50 sma and a schistic indicator set on 3-12-3. I look for the trade to move up or down to heavy resistence. When it move up or down over the 8 ema and the schistic indicates shows a reversal I place my trade. I use the 8 ema as my trigger. The 3 ema is used for quick moves. When in the trade I watch the candlesticks to tell me when to get out. The forex moves up and down. When its up I watch for a signal that its going to reverse. The same when its down. This is the best indicators I have found for me.

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 12:12pm

i like this one, ill try it


Who inspired your trading technique? Rick sadler of Steven bigalow?
I try to Trade the CS patterns and signals taught by Steve B.

Kepe on trading


best of luck


Is this is still working as simple or have you added any other elements/

Just asking.. it seems to be a good approach .. and simple!!


My simple trading strategies are Price action, resistance and support levels, Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, 20EMA and 50 EMA. Good luck trading!