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My trading Ideas

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My trading Ideas

here I will be posting some of my trading ideas from time to time for you to have a look at and maybe comment on them.

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 10:18am

NZDUSD short

A completed Head and shoulders formation shown on the NZDUSD.
You can now enter at the support turned resistance of the pullback at 0.6785 if you wish

Target is 100% extention of the HnS pattern which is about 190 pips.
Conservatively I put it at 130 pips.

Good luck

hs1.png hs2.png

I like shorting this pair at this point :)


The trade took a while to work out because of Christmas, I also scaled into the trade further increasing the profit while the risk of this trade was 0. Also moved the TP target a little bit. Worked out nicely. Lets see what the year has prepared for us :)

And I would also like to wish you all a very prosperous new year, so may everything you wish come true this year :)


NZDCHF short

So now that the NZD is in a nicely established downtrend I want to extract more out of it, however I couldn't find nice entry points in NZDUSD and now a beautiful confluence presented itself on the NZDCHF. There is a broken horizontal and diagonal support turned resistance and a diagonal resistance line supporting the short. I will be shorting more once a price cycle will finish.

Had to use tradingview for analysis since Alveo doesn't let you to load up data so far in the past.

Lets see how this one goes :)


NZDCHF exited prematurely since the levels were not respected
I am now looking at USDCAD for long. Waiting for it to fall more into the support zone and buying from there.

download (1).png

USDCAD didn't workout, seems like the dollar needs to fall a bit more until we see strength.
For now lets sit on the sidelines.


Nice work Will, thanks for sharing . .

The Cad is still moving south ahead of Canada's monetary policy update coming up on Wednesday.

I'm on my forth leg going down. already booked profits on the first 3 legs.

also trading the tight price range of the yen

see live account below:

Capture cad jan 7.PNG

Basket Trading Last night, I just closed these out for the NY open usual reversal

1-7 Overnoght.JPG

Nice job guys.
Now looking at EURUSD short since it is at the top of the range and just formed a 4h reversal. SL above range at 50 pips and TP 120 pips.

download (2).png


a beautiful descending triangle formed on 4h and 1h chart, trading this one as a breakout

download (3).png

Now your cooking Will!


Yes, already scaling in :)
The CAD interest rates put havoc on USD.

Will be holding on to XAU for a long time now hopefully until 1355 area, unless there ll be signs of opposite direction.


Will, I'm looking to the 1350 zone also!
Makes me wish I know anything about futures trading or options..:))


Nice idea. Keep up the good work.


Great info


Options are not difficult--just risky.

1--learn the difference ;between a call and a put and what the "Greeks" mean to option prices

2--learn about credit spread options that you open the position by selling first then rely on time for option price to drop to buy back or expire to 0 value in order to close the order

Shares or forex/currency that the options are based on can do 1 of three things during the option time period--go up in price. go down in price. or stay approx the same value. Depending on whether the credit spread is based on calls or puts....2 of these scenarios means you get to keep the money.

Example--50.000 dollar account with 2 percent being 1000 dollars. Selling 10 contracts at option price of 75 cents means that option value is 0 at expiration or you could buy back at 25 cents an option ahead of expiration with 50 cents profit, depending on the price action of the underlying asset.

1 option contract is 100 shares 10 contracts is 1000 shares. Sell at 750.00 minus commission to open position and buy back to close out at 250.00 plus commission....almost 500.00 profit if 1 of the 2 positive outcomes come into being for the underlying asset---BUT if instead the 3rd and negative outcome comes into lose! Risk management means you have no more than 2 percent of your account in any one position and total amount of postion....5 percent of account, perhaps,or more depending on risk tolerance..... Daily charts for share-based options and weekly/monthly charts for forex or currency options.


Thx RJ, that's interesting. Might be too much for me to handle all the nuances.


Options have a steep learning curve but its doable. I think most aren't willing to put in the time. You have to be very proactive to win. I started following SkyView trading. They have a good beginner education and trade somewhat safer Iron Condors. After a couple months I had exhausted their educational material and knew what they were missing was how to play defense. They use ThinkorSwim as a platform which has probably the very best educational content and you earn free trades as you progress. Like here in Apiary you use a paper account to try out many different strategies that you are studying. A year in now I also know use TastyWorks and follow TastyTrade as they are into playing defense as their main strategy. From their material you learn to manage what you have proactively. I didn't find any short cuts, sorry, I think its a year long learning curve at best.


Thanks Dave, I think I will stick to forex until I learn to keep my next million::)))


While waiting for XAUUSD to unfold a short opportunity presented itself on USDCHF.
A third touch of trendline with the price being in a resistance layer and an overall downtrend.
Target around 0.9740 area near the long term uptrending trendline.

download (4).png

USDCHF trade didn't work out and managed to break through the daily resistance trendline.

Switched to NZDCHF for a long after a nice buy signal formed for me at the bottom of the range with the third touch of the trendline.

download (5).png

Nice 3bar reversal Will!


thanks for sharing and the gold may be going up for sure.


how long are you in these trades? I see you have some bigger SL and TP. are you holding these overnight or just until the move unfolds?


nice work


i ve learned from this
thank you


NZDCHF pretty quick profit :) won't be trading tomorrow, waiting for next week, have a nice weekend guys

download (6).png

I can be in a trade for a couple of hours like the latest NZDCHF but I can be also in a trade for up to a couple of weeks, really depends on the structure of the market, if there is strength in the move and I am in a trend I prefer to keep the position for longer and scale in. For example the first trade posted here: NZDUSD short was so far my best performing trade since I held it for about two weeks and also scaled into the trade, banking in around 30% in total. So yeah really depends. I will also post what I ve learned recently from scaling in, it is pretty hard and one can lose if everything is not calculated properly and emotions are not in check :)


Hey guys,

I haven't been looking at the GBP pairs for quite some time now because of all the Brexiting volatility in these pairs. But I had a quick look at them and I found a really nice opportunity in the GBPNZD pair for a long. I am really trying to get my head around some articles which talk about the latest news on Brexit but there is so many that I can't make an educated bias from them. So from solely looking at the charts I see a massive long opportunity.

A huge inverted head and shoulders formation has been completed and broken out of, now is on a decent to retest the neckline where I will be looking for a buy signal on the 4h and 1h chart at the start of the next week.

The head to neckline distance is 880 pips therefore I expect the price to retrace down back to around 1.9000 - 1.9500 and from there I expect a rise to around 1.9900.

Whatever they are doing in UK let them do their thing :D

P.S. The stop placement is just for reference, I will adjust it exactly once I will have the buy signal.

download (8).png download (7).png

Will this morning was the CPI, it was great! I did the retracement for 60 pips! Yep let them Brits roll on.


Thanks for the tip on the inverted H&S!


Thanks for the tip on the inverted H&S!


New week new opportunities, hello everyone, I hope everyone will have a good payout following today's reset.

Firstly I am looking at XAUUSD for a short after the breakout from the long lasting range. The play is simple; sell limit order at the previous support, which should now act as a resistance at 1280.6 a stop of 31 pips at 1283.7. If price doesn't reach that point then, will be entering at the break of 1277.2
The target is 1263.7 down to the daily diagonal support drawn from the lows of 13th and 28th November.
If we get a nice leg down after I will be scaling in for higher profit.

Next is the aforementioned GBPNZD for a long. I am really unsure with this one so I have 2 entries because the pair is already showing some strength.
One entry is at the breakout of the 4h last high at 1.9165 and the other is at the support of 1.9010.
Target is around 1.9860.
After the breakout of the current resistance at 1.9221 I will be scaling in.

Lets see how this unfolds, good luck to me and everyone :P

download (9).png download (10).png

Tally HO!


EURJPY short

Broken trendline and following retest with reversal candles.
Stop loss 20 pips
Target 65 pips (near the bottom of the daily range)

XAUUSD didn't treat me well, I ll have to be more patient with this pair in the future.

download (11).png

EURGBP short

The Euro seems like a short across the whole board, now with the head and shoulders pattern showing on H1 in a downtrend.
SL 25 pips
Target 50-70 pips

download (12).png 66924ee7-b8f5-4cde-85a0-90d592103b7f_1.64f01ee1ef83658a7345524b35b0e5db.jpeg-b540d279c90e924507e796d1ccca2921ad87941e-optim-450x450.jpg

I entered EUR/JPY about an hour ago. Nice to have another set of eyes saying the same thing. Haven't looked at EUR/GBP, but I will now.


EURJPY and EURGBP update

EURJPY went completely different direction, happens.

EURGBP though is going as expected, due to the strength of the move I moved target down to 0.8695 to extract some more pips from the move.

XAUUSD is finally ready to resume down. Entered at the reversal of the breakout candle in 5m chart.
SL 35 pips
Target 150 pips

In the future I will have to be more patient with these trades as I entered prematurely and the metal reversed on me.

download (13).png download (14).png

Will, perhaps it would be prudent to pay more attention to the DXY
I use one-time frame lower via TVC to signal my moves in Alveo.


EURCAD short
a nice third touch of a downward trendline at the support turned resistance with double pin bar
SL 20 pips
target 45-90 pips depending on the strength of the move.

Maybe exiting prematurely due to Non-Farm payroll.

download (15).png

So, closed out the trade with a very minor profit just before the announcement and re entered short after, since the positive NFP results should push the euro down in general. With new SL and TP at 25 and 65 pips respectively.

download (16).png

EURCAD was a success, now watch out the pair is approaching a major weekly diagonal support.

Have a good weekend guys.

download (17).png

Hello everybody,
So I am sure everyone is having their eyes on EURUSD bottom of the range, well I think that with the monday open we can all get into buying this pair, since there are several reversal signs on the 1h and 1d charts.

Daily chart plotted a long tailed candle rejecting any downward pressure and that created and broke the Wedge pattern which is a huge reversal pattern. Will be entering on the 50 EMA as it is area of confluence with the pivot and the broken trendline.

happy trading :)

download (18).png download (19).png

Not so quick Will, I still have 50 pips further south I need to recoup then it can go north. However, I do agree the stage is set for a USD retracement which may have been set today.

Upon reviewing Oanda to FXCM closing bell price the last minute dig was a sharp whipsaw which ended 50 pips lower at Oanda that Alveo or FXCM. (or investing or TVC, thus I assume they both use FXCM).

So I am hoping the Sunday will resolve most of my issue.


I agree folks --an EURUSD retracement seems way overdue but I'm reminding myself that all we can do is follow the charts and definitely NOT expect the sometimes illogical charts to follow our sound analysis and logic. :-)


agreed folks, reversal on eur usd is eagerly awaited, but cannot predict when, have to see when it bottoms out.


interesting analysis wil took a nice 50pips up to 1.13060 as a final trade for the week but my view is that this is only a retracement probably lasting to the us market opens on Monday then I can see eurusd returning to the downward trend towards 1.12 breaking through this level it could be adios amigo only my opinion as I cannot see any positive news data or announcements coming out of the Eurozone plus how is brexit going to affect the euro send it tumbling or give it a much needed surge upward it is anybodys guess one thing we do know for sure is that the markets moves up and the market moves down which way will it go.
happy trading everyone.


While waiting for EURUSD to retrace to resistance turned support a USDCHF trade popped up.

USDCHF sell at resistance, after a 1h Head and shoulders pattern and a break of daily trendline with a nice rejection of the 50EMA and the neckline on h1.

Target rising weekly trendline around 0.9850

download (20).png download (21).png

Sorry didn't have time to post this trade yesterday, looking for a breakout of this symmetrical triangle to the upside, managed to buy at the bottom on the 1h chart.

download (22).png

Nice trades and pics with setups and analysis! Seems a lot of analysis comes on the daily charts for you? not knocking,... but isn't that more for longer term trades? (15m/30m/1hr = intermediate trading) Either way, I like your calls and setups! Happy trading and best of luck! :)


Hi patrickc thanks for you reply,

you're not knocking but I am not sure what you re saying since we are in the Intermediate trading strategies forum. :) I treat this thread as my journal so I and others may learn from the trades.
For example look at the USDCHF short trade, my stop loss got hit and price then reversed couple of pips later, the lesson from this is not to assume that a new high is formed before a new low of that leg is formed. Hence I should have had a wider stop loss, preferably near the previous high. But hey I am still learning.

And thank you for the compliments, means a lot :)

download (24).png

I have my eyes on EURCAD, price on the weekly is slowing down and approaching the weekly very very strong support, I would like to see a false breakout of the 1.4920 support line and buy around that level. But very cautiously, since the price can go all the way down to 1.4800 if a reversal occurs around there that would be even better.

Happy trading :)

download (25).png download (26).png

NZDCHF short
A head and shoulders pattern formed up on 4h time frame at a weekly resistance level where NZD currently is with almost all its pairs, looking for a break and a subsequent retest of the neckline for an entry.

download (27).png

NZDCHF, now waiting for the pullback, SL is just for reference

download (28).png

Will, you sure are making it very tempting to expand my horizon past my usual USD majors.


So for this week I already have two trades underway, GBPUSD and NZDCHF.

Came back to retest the head and shoulders pattern, and is showing some signs of rejection of the descending trendline from the previous highs, I am entering the trade on a pending order below the candle that touched the trendline.
SL: 50 pips, near the previous high
Target 110 pips near the rising daily trendline however I may move the target a lot further hence there is a big formation of double top on the daily timeframe. The pair may then revisit 0.6580 weekly resistance if the double top pattern fulfills itself.

After the pair jumped from its 50 fib retrace level, now is in an uptrend, stalled for a couple of days creating a somewhat triangle consolidation, tested the 50 EMA on the 4h AND a strong wick candle follow showing bulls wanna go high. The friday's daily candle is also a long wick candle rejecting the minor daily support level.
Plus I believe that this brexit thing will get good for UK. (just my belief, no one knows xD)
SL: 70 pips, somewhat near the low of the pin bar
Target: 140 pips below the major resistance

Happy trading :)

download (30).png download (31).png download (32).png download (29).png

NZDCHF no trade since the price just shot through resistance made by the HnS

Now opened position on USDCHF short for a continuation of the HnS, trigger was the nice rejection of 50EMA and a descending trendline.
SL near the previous high 50pips
Target 80 pips

download (33).png

Say, Will, what tool is putting the little blue lines on your charts

And is it say to assume that you are doing the colored sections manually?


The blue lines is the Pivot indicator with daily settings and the coloured sections are profit and sl target in open trade :)


Will TV has many which one pivot indicator is it?

Sure I know the colored sections are target and SL, is that an indicator or you just draw them in?


I only draw them in and the indicator is called Pivot Points Standard with the settings in style only to draw the pivot (P) no supports. I hope that answers the question.


Thanks for sharing, Will!


Will, understood, thx.



EURJPY has breached the resistance around 125.90 also has breached the diagonal daily resistance and price rejected the new support with a long wicked candle on 4h touching the supporting trendline. Additionally the daily 50 ema was broken and retested.
SL 40 pips below the low of the long wick candle.
Target max to 127.60 area ahead of new resistance.

USDCAD, we are all waiting for this one, I entered the position ahead of today's CPI report as it will move the price, hopefully in the direction we want, but technicals support the long view. The obvious is that the price is at a long term diagonal support.
SL 40 pips, below the previous daily low.
Target, depends on the price action, but can go as high as 600 pips.

download (35).png download (34).png

started Gold II today!! ive been using my dbl top and dbl bottom system and im doing very well. Yesterday over 230pips and this morning over 237pips and counting. Looking forward to the summit!!


Wow, reading these comments, I know I have a lot to learn to become a trader. Thanks.
Completed Silver III trading requirements and move to Gold I later today.


Congrats guys, keep up the good work :)


EURUSD short, USDCHF long

EURUSD has printed a nice head and shoulders pattern on the 1h chart and has broken out of it, this happened at the downward weekly trendline so now waiting for a retrace to the neckline and upon seeing rejection of the extension of the neckline, I will enter the short. Profit target is the extension of HnS which is about 60 pips.

After printing inverted HnS, creating higher lows suggests an upward bias the neckline is also broken and retested by long wick candles on the 1h chart. I was looking for an entry since the 2nd last pivot was very nicely rejected by long wick candles. The main struggle for this pair is to break the 1.0020 resistance at the moment, but if it does the break will be a nice move.

Following Rookie's advice I checked the DXY as well and that is in a bullish uptrend, supporting both these trades

download (38).png download (37).png download (36).png

Amazing charting Will, I need to apply more emphasis to the 4H charting,

DXY, in my strategy testing I have learned, do not fight the DXY, Because of the dollar rules.

So Will when you place a trade are you placing off the 4H chart and using S&D for your target/SL?


I go all the way from monthly levels, through weekly and daily and search for entries on 4h and 1h, in trend changes I go even down to 15m and 5m. And yes targets are based of support and resistance, since the price is unlikely to turn between significant levels, but I can always exit prematurely after a reversal occurs before my target is hit.

I am yet to learn to be patient, I am too scared to miss a move, like on this USDCHF, SL barely didn't get hit, now the trade is in my favor but boy I could have waited for the price to make a contraction and buy at the low.
Learning everyday :)


Thanks for eh reply, I was looking for you on TVC but gave up. They must hide the search feature.


I don't post anything on TVC and I have a different name there, Will_svk feel free to follow, I might start putting the ideas there.
In the meantime I opened a trade on EURJPY short.

The reasoning is that the price has changed the intermediate trend and I think that the trendline won't stop it since there is huge bearish momentum showed by the huge red 4h candles. The diagonal support has a conjunction of also the 0.618 fib and the support of past high and the 50EMA. Exactly because of that I think that the price will bounce a little bit off of that level around 126.3 but ultimately will shoot through and the price will target the downward or the upward sloping weekly and daily (respectively) diagonal lines around the 0.618 fib level of the bigger move. I would have entered at the rejections of the last pivot but I wasn't at the computer which is a bit of a shame.

Happy trading. :)

download (39).png

Will I would, but I can't find the dang search to find you.


GBPUSD short

Since the dollar is strengthening across the board why not capitalize on it a bit more :D
There was a nice trend change from a significant level, now I am targeting the 0.618 fib retracement of the large weekly move, here on the 1h chart is a nice conjunction of 50 EMA and the last pivot and how the price nicely rejected that level. Also there bearish momentum on the 4H. Now trying to sell at the retrace near the downward sloping diagonal resistance.
SL 45 pips just in case
Target 180 pips

download (40).png

Rookie next to the search window on the home page, on the left side there is a dropdown menu the first option is ticker, and last is people, then you should find me (maybe) :D



I am staying out of this one but this is a pretty nice rejection of intersection of a horizontal and diagonal support alongside with a slowing bearish momentum I would say that we are at the end of the bearish intermediate trend and will turn up again to the upper parts of this huge daily range.

download (41).png

I think you are right about the reversal.


I love trading :)

download (43).png download (42).png

I started posting my trading ideas on Tradingview, if you would like to follow me there my username is Will_svk
I will be posting links here.

For this week I am preparing to trade USDJPY long, EURAUD short and GBPUSD long scalp and back to shorting.
My whole analysis is included in the description of the ideas.

Feel free to comment and/or like :P


Thanks, Will, finally connected.. Thanks for the instructions.

Will, would you look at your stats and tell me/us your open trade time?
and if you don't mind your expectancy over how many trades?


I am not comfortable sharing my expectancy, sorry.
The length of trades varies anywhere from a couple of minutes to couple thousand minutes I have one trade at 11 thousand minutes and one at 21 thousand. Hopefully I understood the question correctly.


Not so much interested in the short term stuff, just the trades that your posting to share here.
Just getting a handle on a swing to longer-term trades.

You have and thanks!


These things happen, lesson learned --> wider stop loss, do not be greedy for R:R
More importantly putting the stop loss BELOW the low, not AT the low,

download (44).png

EURUSD short
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Price slowing down towards the weekly diagonal resistance, now price is at the resistance printing daily candles with nice wicks, as well the 4h chart printed the morning star pattern (at least I think that's the name of it) and the 15M printing head and shoulders. I will be waiting for the Asian session to pass and beginning London session look for a fake out to the upside of the Asian session range and sell from there with stop loss above the head. + price is at 0.677 fib retracement + at the 50 EMA on daily.
Price at fib 0.677, on the daily timeframe we still have an uptrend, price could go down a bit more towards the diagonal support and from there go up up.

I am also long USDCAD, but I am too lazy to post the whole analysis :D happy trading

download (48).png download (50).png

AUDUSD short

A huge HnS formed on the Aussie, waiting for a pullback to today's high and trading off of that

download (57).png

XAUUSD perhaps ?

download (58).png

EURJPY reversing

download (59).png

So, I am back with some normal analysis, I had to set aside trading for some time for some personal reasons.

So here we go straight for EURUSD reversal head and shoulders pattern off of the Daily support, entering on a reversal towards the neckline of the HnS, there is also the daily pivot and the 50EMA so, should this level be rejected we can look for a long. Looking for a 3:1 RR

Currently I am holding a position for a continuation of the trend on NZDUSD. The 4h printed a nice pin bar for a rejection of support turned resistance and the 15M formed a triangle which broke out to the upside, and reversed, hence the pin bar which should mean a fake out and a continuation to the downside towards the weekly support. Looking for 2:1 RR

Happy trading.

download (60).png download (61).png download (62).png

EURNZD short
Price currently around a daily/weekly resistance support 1.6000
A trendline break has occured with slowing momentum, indicating a trend change might be on the way. the 4H and 1H printed a bearish divergence with the RSI, now the 1H trendline and daily pivot are being tested. I am looking for a entry short off of the daily high.
SL 20 pips
Target 100 pips if momentum will slow down, if not the target is 150 pips around the neckline of the daily inverse HnS and the 50 fib

Happy trading

download (63).png

Opened the position after the ECB interest rate decision, the price didn't manage to go all the way to daily high at 1.6705 so opened at the intraday resistance 1.6695. Target 100 pips, depending on momentum.

download (64).png

EURAUD/AUDUSD long/short

Preparing for a position trade on the AUD preferably on the EURAUD. The same setup is showing inversely on both pairs.
So for EURAUD the price is currently hovering around the weekly support level, with a slowing momentum on the daily chart and multiple rejections of the support.
For AUDUSD you can see an uptrend formed and price chopping up towards the weekly S/R level around 0.7200 so again slowed momentum.

To enter EURAUD I am looking for the price to slightly break below the weekly lows at 1.5715 to create a fakeout and buy at that price or below.
SL is just for reference but will depend on the length of the fakout.

This is a very aggressive entry, for a more conservative entry you can wait until a candlestick reversal shows up on the 1h or 4h.

Happy trading

download (65).png download (66).png


I can just say: Triangle in a bigger triangle in a bigger triangle in a weekly uptrend, expecting a fakeout to the downside and then continuation of this weekly trend, likely it will happen when Theresa May finally strikes a deal with EU.

Entry is buy limit at 1.2966
SL 35 pips, way below the of 11th May, in case the fakout wants to go that deep.
TP potentially even over 400 pips over couple of weeks, we ll see.

Happy trading

download (69).png download (68).png

I always love reading your analysis Will, and I'm glad you are back at it. Personal issues do need to be taken care of though. I love the EURAUD, and have been watching that for a while. I also think GBPUSD is a decent but rowdy pair and am looking at that reversal on that. Lost my lunch on USDJPY this week though out of plain bad trading..... lol Happy trading though and p.s. I'm looking at this USDCHF about to drop within coming weeks I believe. Feel free to make an analysis on that! :D


Thank you Patrickc, very much appreciated :)

For USDCHF I would wait until the area around 1.0323 which is a monthly resistance area, considering that USD has a pretty strong bull run I wouldn't engage in shorts here. Perhaps there will be a bit of a retrace towards 1.012 area and consider buying from there to get on the train with buyers.

But I do have a nice EURCHF trade for short.
There was a clear rejection of the daily resistance level around 1.1473 now looking to ride the selling, hopefully all the way down to the 1.1185. I entered on the 4H rejection of the crossed 50EMA and the Pivot.
Pretty wide SL of 37 pips to protect from random market swings.

Happy trading

download (72).png

Love this thread Will...I'll just follow you and learn. Love the way you share your charts - makes it explicit what you are looking at. I don't trade much else besides the AUDUSD....but I follow a different system (Ichimoku).

Love to observe & learn your system....

Thanks for sharing.

Mike Senecal

Thanks all for sharing ... great thread! Love this approach for targeting some bigger moves.

I've been mainly focussing on scalping Shawn Lucas style and Todd Granthem's 89 HMA strategy ... getting good results for both in test account and about to take live.

All the Best,


Thanks for sharing, I would like to be as confident as you.


Can you please mention the timeframe you are using maybe ?


Thank you very much guys for the support, it means a lot to me that something that I do is appreciated by others and that you can learn from it. :)

MIke I do like the way how shawn is trading, I tried it and I did well but I noticed that I was in a lot of stress while trading the 1m, for me this intermediate trading approach works the best when all things are concerned (including psychology and stuff around that).

Skuccal, Ichimoku is a good way to trade but If I were you I would instantly look to automate it with some kind of AI, since the entry & exit conditions are simple to programme. My way of trading strictly looks at the the movements of price, the S/R levels at higher than 4H charts and for confirmation I use RSI divergence, 50EMA and Pivot indicator. But the primary basis is always how the price moves.

Perhaps I might share my complete trading plan ?

Happy trading :)

skucchal to hear your complete trading plan. Most eagerly awaited...:)


I will have some time now as I am in between jobs so my complete plan coming soon :)

I didn't post this setup, but I managed to catch a really nice continuation of the downward trend on NZDJPY, just wanted to share it with you.

The reason for entering was a strong bearish trend without the signs of a decreasing momentum with no obvious daily support levels in the nearby area, therefore this pullback formed a somewhat flag. The trigger was the engulfing 4h candle which is highlighted. This candle has also formed after a day of consolidation in a tight area AND at the 50EMA signaling that bears are starting to sell again.

I got away this time with a tight stop which netted me a 1:6 risk reward.

Today I entered a GBPUSD short.
We are currently in a downtrending market on the 4h and 1h, again without signs of a decreasing momentum. After the asian session is finished the price goes to test the highs of the asian session and creates a 15M engulfing candle. This happens to be also at the standard daily pivot.
This is a nice cool strategy which I learned recently and I will be creating a new topic to discuss this as it will go a lot deeper than the retail knowledge covers.

The SL fairly conservative at 25 pips
Aiming for 90 pips TP, but might exit earlier if reversal shows up, but for now momentum is towards the downside.

Happy trading

download (73).png download (74).png
jo n

very encouraging. will try


Update on GBPUSD
Canceled trade and the bias is now turned to the upside as the 4H printed a reversal candlestick formation at the 0.618 fib level AND the daily support of 1.3000. Additionally the 1h shows a divergence of the RSI and a momentum breakout from the downward trendline. Lastly a wedge pattern formed.

Looking for longs here on a retrace towards the broken trendline.

download (75).png download (76).png

final entry looks like this. I ve moved the SL and decreased the position size since I had a blind entry through limit orders, I expect that in overnight trading the price will go lower than the previous low and then hopefully will shoot up.

download (78).png

Thanks oceanlover998 for the morning time places to look.


So I got stopped out as predicted from overnight trading, unfortunately my stop loss wasn't wide enough.
New entry at 1.2940 and a tight 20 pip stop loss.

download (79).png

GBPUSD didnt work out

CHFJPY short

A nice retrace towards the immediate support turned resistance, with multiple rejections of that level.
Entered from 15M upon test of asian consolidation's top.
Wide SL to avoid random spikes.
Targeting 300 pips, since there is no obvious support level in sight

download (80).png download (81).png

Trade invalidated and exited


USDCHF short

Possible shorting opportunity on the swiss frank.
There's now a clear downtrend and a flag pattern created, will try to enter at the top of the flag above the highs of the flag.

download (82).png

USDCHF short entered
Entered off of the test of the previous high but with late entry.
Adding to the confluence of this trade is the fact that we are trading around the 50 EMA which was tested now three times with clear rejections.
I hope this will be a nice continuation for 150 pips at least.
SL conservative 30 pips to protect from random swings.

download (83).png

short yes but 150 pips not, wish you luck for 30 pips.


USDCHF closed out with a small profit

XAUUSD short
A downtrend losing steam but a nice formation off of the daily highs and the 4h EMA formed so going for 80 pips until the long term lows

download (84).png

GBPNZD short
Attached are two pictures, higher time frame analysis on the 4h shows a strong downtrend without signs of decreasing momentum, only to create a continuation triangle pattern.
Zooming into the 15M timeframe I am trying to enter the wave after the high of the week has been retested and stophunted to induce traders into the opposite direction of the trend. Now trying to get a better entry and looking for a nice 200-400 pips target.

GBPCAD short

almost same thing as for gbpnzd

download (85).png download (86).png download (87).png

GBPNZD short

currently open in a monster trade

download (88).png l.png