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My Trading Strategy using Moving Averages and ADX

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My Trading Strategy using Moving Averages and ADX

I use the following indicators: 8 EMA 50 SMA ATR ADX I look at the weekly chart for each of the different pairs. I get rid of all charts where the candlesticks closes are between the 8 and the 50. If the chart is bearish, I check the ADX if the minus and ADX line are both above 25 I keep it, otherwise I delete it. If the chart is positive, The ADX has to be above 25 and the plus also has to be above 25. I then go to the daily charts and do the same thing, getting rid of all daily pairs that don't agree with the weekly charts. This usually leaves me with 2-4 pairs. I keep an eye on these pairs on the h1 and m1 to wait for them to agree with their weekly and daily charts. Optimally, I buy when the 8 crosses the 50 with agreement by ADX. My take profit is 2 ATR, my trailing stop loss is 1 ATR. ATR being the daily ATR.

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 9:46pm