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Native Alveo for Mac Users Not here need Virtual Machine running Windows if you want it on a Mac.

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Native Alveo for Mac Users Not here need Virtual Machine running Windows if you want it on a Mac.

Hello Everyone,

          I am sure by now that any real Mac Users has discovered that Alveo is a Windows Only Product.  I hope sometime in the near future a Mac Version will come available in the future. But, if you all need use you Mac that are a few options.  There is information discussed on the Alveo on Mac. 

Parallels OR  BootCamp with Windows installed
You can use Apriay Fund VPS, there is a monthly cost associated with it, but you can check it out HERE. There are other VPS providers out there as well and their costs might be better.
You can get a virtual machine to emulate Windows on your Mac.  Oracle VirtualBox and VMWare both have a free version of the virtual machine and are the most commonly used two virtual machine providers by our traders.    I am using Oracle Virtual Box on and IMac with 8 gig of memory.  You can download Windows iso file to install it into the Virtual Box.  Leaguelly you need to have license from Microsoft you can get it working without.  You will have a message in the bottom right hand lower corner of the screen that says Windows has not been activated.
 I am using a much cheaper VPS the apiary fund.  Virtual Box works but it's slow and has a little lag.
Any help let me know,
Fri, 04/12/2019 - 5:42pm

really don't understand that there is a question? ...are you asking about the slow virtualbox?

with 8gb of ram, i would be allocating 6 gb to my virtual box.

mac is a different beast, they don't want you messing with things.

if trading is really a big deal for you, just purchase a windows system; a laptop, or desktop.

you can still use your mac, just not for trading.


Anyone try to run Alveo using PlayOnMac with Wine?


I use Parallels on my 2017 MBP and works flawlessly - That said alveo can hang and never saves the settings as default so I have to setup my workspace up each day.. but it does that on the PC as well.


They should make alveo for MAC


Sure lots of people are facing this problem thanks for the help


I trade on a mac and a winpc. I use parallels on mac. You can open only your alveo window without the windows desktop. it's just like opening a new window on mac itself.

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