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needing help

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needing help

I'm looking for help in forming a plan and strategies, for candle and price action trading.
Using the 1m, 30m, and some time the 1h time frames.
I'm working on silver l looking to make silver ll in a day or so.
Is there any one who can help me?, all comments are welcome

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 1:10pm

Hey 29penix! I watch the 1min,15min,1hour and daily charts but my biggest help are second and third party signals! I watch them on a second computer and keep my best one for the Alvio Trading Platform.
The Signal Sites that I watch are......

2.) FORESIGNAL.COM About 15 free “Refreshes” daily
3.) FXMarketLeaders Free (Very Good)
4.) forexfactory Free (Positions/Live Accounts)
6.) DUCFOREX $5.00 Monthly (Very Good) well worth it especially if you have access to the
internet through out the day even better if you are retired or have
a job that allows you to stop and make a trade as needed.
DUCFOREX is the website that follows the "Apiary Way" the

I don't "Blindly" follow all signals but compare my charts with the signals and other signal suggestions based on the strategey at hand. If two or more signals come in as a buy or a sell I usually take the trade if the charts look "logical"

Hope this helps!


Hi 29penix,

Check out some of the 'Trading Room' recordings and watch how Shawn scalp the EURUSD. A lot of good stuff on there. He trades without any indicators, and based solely on price action during the NY session open.


thanks for all the links, and will check some of them out before I do any more trading.

I'll Check out some of the 'Trading Room' recordings also

Thanks guys good information.


Just made silver ll.


good info on those sites...thanks for sharing. I will look into them too!


Is it a good idea for a person who is learning to trade, I think he or she will stop learning and get dependent on signals. Just a thought.


aks9ca. I do not think it was cause a learning trader to stop learning. The more information a new trader is exposed to will help him or her develop his/her strategy. Isn't it a trader's goal to develop a successful strategy that includes indicators which in turn will reduce the guessing in making a trade. Signals can be used as a guide to explain the reason a trader placed a trade.


Congratulation on SILVER II 29penix. Regarding to your strategy question... I have to tell you that I tried a lot of different strategies from all kinds of forex gurus and that I still find FAST TRACK to funding and Aligment strategy best possible way to make certain amount of pips/day.
Lately, I practice pattern trading more and more but still... not really good enough to say that I'm profitable day after day

Best Regards