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New to Apiary - Introductions / screen setup suggestions

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New to Apiary - Introductions / screen setup suggestions

Good evening,

I just signed up for Apiary Fund and am looking forward to working through Beeline.

Any suggestions for screen setup would be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance,


Mon, 09/21/2020 - 8:14pm


Welcome to the Hive!

Great question about setups. When I first started, I went hog-wild and built a workspace for every market / time frame combination that came to mind. When done, I had over 130 setups saved as individual workspaces, with over 20 templates.

Okay, Okay, that was excessive, but I was super pumped to be connected to the Apiary community,

Now, I've calmed way down and use two basic setups.

1) When I'm trading GBP pairs, I see all six at the same time.
2) When I'm scalping EUR JPY, I see three different time frames at the same time.



So when it's time you want to trade and you go to your chart but the chart you need to use is totally messed up thanks to the Alveo gods do you

A. Skip trading until the chart's working

B. Use a shorter time frame which will likely cause you to miss the longer direction

C. Google the developer's address and key scratch their windshield

2020-09-22 15_48_56-Alveo.png

If I'm starting the software around 16:00 and 17:00 CDT, the servers are not completely ready. If I see this type of behavior, I just wait about 30 minutes and restart the software.

No worries.


Occasionally I also see these messed up charts ... a quick click refresh on the TF button corrects the charts again.


That was the point rob, it wasn't changing. And all the pairs were like that for D1.

But the below was my best joke about it (LOL) :D

The Trading Rhino pattern was a joke folks. I knew they wouldn't get it.

2020-09-22 22_13_56-Introductions _ Apiary Fund.png

Ok, I was wondering ;-))

btw ... why do you have a different avatar in this post? I only see this black picture with large pixels.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 2.30.55 PM.png

Your pc browser cache is still using old images.