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Need someone help me with Alveo and the road map to get funded and begin to trade.

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 2:03pm

Go to "Library", select courses, select software. Much information here. Welcome.

One word of advice from my still limited experience, trade only in micro-lots until you reach Silver 3 or maybe even Gold 1.


@1758518639, your at the Hive where you will get the best and friendliest support in the world.
Follow yourBeeLine and open another simulated account referred to as a sandbox when you get the chance to play in.


I am still fresh into the hive as well. But, from what I've learned over this past week is to just trust the process. The things you are asking for ARE what Apiary is all about and what you signed up to do. Shawn and his team are here to teach us the software and to guide us into being funded. That's their whole mission! It's a comforting thought to think that someone has a vested interest in my education.

Relax a bit and go for the gusto in making mistakes. Play with Alveo; you aren't going to break anything. You never know if you will require future requirements just from making some trades. You will learn so much...and frankly, I believe we are expected to make mistakes. It's part of the learning process.
Not being a fan of the learning curve, I completely understand how frustrating it can be...but just go with it.

Copper I should be easy to knock out in one evening or by the next day; that should build you a little confidence as your progress.

Ask questions to yourself and find some answers in the library as recommended. I"m basically just echoing what free2prosper and rookie007 have said.

Believe that you can do this (I'm talking to myself here too). You can.


a business trader will have wins/loses --try extend your wins, try to shorten loses. that is "acceptable" to keep business in profit.
Entries and Exits, for that you must learn behavior of your chosen pair's to trade, time of day to trade, etc.
top bar of this page click the " software " tab , click on Alveo, then download.
videos on bottom of that page will help you.
trading begins on Sunday afternoon
keep up the good work
placing 1th trade
this class recording will help
hope it helps

keep up the good work