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New to Forex


New to Forex

I am retired and hoping to use this for an extra income so my retirement won't be so much of a "fixed" income. I am Silver 1 level now and if I can just go 5 days with profit I will advance. Of course if I don't go that long without a losing day I don't want to advance. That's about it for now. type later :)

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 12:27am
Meyers Investments

By far the trek through Silver is the most challenging of the lower levels. I had the worst time getting through the five profitable days in a row, with a minimum of five trades on each day. I HIVE really worked on fine tuning my trading strategy and work with my councilor/mentor/teacher. He was able to get me to see where I needed to BEE in my mind to trade at this level of trading. I think that Apiary uses the Silver level to separate the wheat from the chaff. Anyone that can get through Silver (with out going out-of-their-mind), will BEE a profitable trader.

One word of advice is to watch your dollar profit, not the positive or negative value of you PIPs. I had two days where I had a small positive PIPs but had a negative profit and had to start the five days over.


Terry C

It's just about grinding it out, not the quantity but definitely figuring out a way to meet the required. It's doable. Usually great tips in the getting funded presentations



I wish to encourage you in your journey in Forex. I joined Apiary about 2 months ago with no previous understanding of Forex. Now, I am on Silver 2 and hope to finish it this week.

Please keep moving on. There is much stuff that is available to learn.

Happy trading


Peter's (from meyersinvestments) tip about being careful not to look at pips, but dollar profit bit me also and I had to start over the 5 days in a row when I thought I had passed that goal.
I don't worry about how fast I get through each level, as I enjoy trying out many different strategies in simulation. I have traded futures, options, stocks, etc. for over 50 years and each has it's own nuances, good or bad. I had never traded forex until recently. Now I have over 1000 trades here and am able to see with that experience, and the great teaching here at Apiary Fund, what is working the best for me. Each of us has our own style that suits us better than others. I hope you find yours. Good trading to you.