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New Laptop Computer for trading

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New Laptop Computer for trading

What is the best laptop computer for trading forex. How much RAM? SSD drive? Hard Drive? I look forward to seeing what people have to say. Thank you for your input.

Sat, 07/06/2019 - 5:43am

I have 8 GB Ram and 250 GB SSD Hardrive. A SSD Harddrive makes it a lot faster so I think you absolutely should have that. If you can afford more Ram it's good but not necessary I think. It's also good to have a good processor like Core Intel-5 and more than 1 screen. I have two screens, but you can have more.


16GB is all the Ram you should ever need these days,
But get the biggest SSD you can afford, just recently ut a 2T in my PC.


I bought mine from this website on sale.


shawnherring13, first off, understand that laptops maintain the temperature by stepping down the voltage, what does this mean?

- when voltage is stepped down, the cpu/laptop will run slower than what you might expect with a desktop computer

next; the cpu...

what you buy today is already out of date, meaning, if at all possible purchase a laptop with an intel i7, and a speed of 3.0 or higher...remember, a laptop is going to run slower.

memory, 8gb is okay, i would highly recommend starting with 16gb...for what i do, i can easily push the limits of 16gb...for the typical user, 16gp will be more than enough.

price, this is a critical point to understand..."THERE ARE NO DEALS, IN ELECTRONICS", if the price is to good to be true, guess what, there is a reason for that.

i'm a geek, i have been for a long time, i've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of computer design, i understand the tricks of the trade, when it comes to chip, amd, etc.

they do not give anything away, the margins are to small, for manufactures to give anything away for free.

if you have the money, you can go with a gaming laptop, why? long as it is a true gaming laptop, there will be no speed loss, as the laptop is built to the specs of a desktop.

hint: if the laptop is ultra's not a gaming laptop, nor could it ever be.

for my clients...i recommend hp laptops, and i have yet to have anyone be disappointed.

for desktops, at present, i go with dell refurbished units, often off lease...optiplex is the model of choice.

this will probably step on some toes...go with intel, amd has come a long way, however, they still fall short. you're not saving money. with amd your spending less, to get less, no matter how much the numbers look the same, the two are not the same.

here are a couple possibilities, both are i7, with big 17" monitors...

hard drive is an ssd, only 256 gb...might be to small, price an upgrade...

standard hard drive, 1 tb of space...

the reality is this, for trading, the hard drive is not as big of an issue...can it make a difference, yes, yet it all depends on your budget.

one last note...i always recommend going with the professional version of windows, the home version is often crippled.

okay, have fun.


burton - Thanks for your comments. Very helpful to give perspective on a computer purchase for trading!


Old_Dog, you're welcome.


Good Info Burton, I'm in the market. You post is about 8 mos or so past at this time. i9 processors are out now, would you purchase the intel i9 or continue recommending i7? Would appreciate your input, especially if there may be any other updated information you might supply. My daughter is in the Apiary Fund, like you she has been quite happy with her HP (unsure of the specs, other than it is i7 processor).
Thanks in Advance, hope you see the message!