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New members assistance

This may not be the place to bring up this topic but I feel it needs to be discussed. I have been trading for 2+ tears and have nothing to show for it but my losses and the learning experience. This has been difficult. Most of my current knowledge has been from a competitor  of Apiary, ie Market Traders(MTI).I have really enjoyed their trading platform with all the automated features, fibo's, trend line, candlestick types etc. Ihave lost all this as I cannot afford the monthly fees.

I have been spending more time on Alveo and attending some of the daily activities as well as catching up on the library topics. This has all helped me improve my trading. The point I want to make is all that I have learned has by my fumbling around on my own in an unorganized manner. Apiary has commented they provide tarining. The information available is over whelming and one has to wonder where to start. There was no mention at the onset of becoming a member of the ApiaryFund on how to use all the available training materials. Also some of the online webinars are too informal with too much discussion, rambling on's that do not pertain to training on the topic of the program. A newcomer needs guidance on where to start the training process. The BeeHive is a great tool if one knows how to use it. More one on one needs to be provided to provide guidance on starting the training process. I am just now looking thru the forums to gather what I will be reviewing and may also post some of my own.

I do some scalping which I prefer not to do. However that's where I seem to have more success. I would like to do more of the swing or long term trading where the use of fibonacci's can provide significant data when used properly. I need more time for my other activities and prefer long term trading, especially if I am going to sort thru all the training information available. I am struggling to use your fibonaccis on this charting softare. With the GBP's on a roll I now try to use the fibo's.

I hope this discussion doesn't offend anyone , but provides food for thought that will help newcomers. There is not enough hous in a day to absorb all the information to new BeeHivers and still practice trading. I'm no youngster and learning is a slow process for me. I like trading and have become accustomed to losing, dang gone it. My best trading occurrs when I babysit the trades. Dosn't take much of a distraction and a tare can be lost quickly.

Tue, 07/12/2016 - 9:59am

Hi Rmorin;

The place to start would be the Courses and just work through the modules in order. Moreover, Shawn and Nate's Thursday am trading room is a great place to learn. Might I suggest going back and watching past sessions, I always learn something new when I do.

Coming from MTI, I trust you have a solid background in Fib trading and although Alveo is not up to par with MTI, as this point, Apiary continues to improve the platform.

Hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else I can do :)



I can relate to your comments and have some of the same issues. I struggle with the Alveo software, and tend to use FXCM trade station (free software with my FXCM account) for my analysis, and only use Alveo for placing trades. The fibs aren't automated, but if you understand the concept of fibs, they can be plotted and traded.


Hey rmorin, you sound just like me when I began, to much info without any real training, even though I paid up front for one on one training. Although beeline takes you away from your comfort level, I do believe it has turned out to be a great training tool. Silver one and two in my mind still has to be used as a game, with tricks that will get you through. Silver three is, for me anyway where you begin to see how valuable the early levels of beeline really did give you training. Once you get out of the Silver levels, (for me anyway) you can get back to trading where you are comfortable. Like you for me that is scalping, the training of beeline shows it's self with more consistency, and more profit. I was just advanced yesterday to a pre fund account, believe me there have been so many times I never thought this would come to reality. So you can do it, just stick with it. As far as the one on one goes, for me it wasn't worth the charge, while I liked what my instructor had to say, it's that with all the info and courses, trying the different strategies timing of the one on one just didn't work. What has been nice is though it did lower my monthly fee which has been the biggest benefit for me.
So stick with it, as questions there are plenty here who can and will help, you will come through this with a much better understanding of trading, and become a more consistent trader. Anyway this is what I've found.


When I started out with Apiary, I lucked into a process. I watching as many discussions and videos as I could on weekends and saved my weekdays for trading only. I have continued this habit as I progress while watching discussions or videos posted by beehive members who have felt they are valuable. Another benefit of this system is you will watch discussions and or modules that are required when you get to the next level. When you graduate to the next level, you will see that you have already accomplished those tasks. dg, I hear you about the software. I use a different platform that is much faster to navigate then Alveo along with tools much more user friendly.

Golfer Bill

The courses are good. Might I suggest search for materials on technical trading (candlestick signals & price patterns). I don't want endorse others so I won't mention any names. you can google and find a lot of free materials and inexpensive books. Most materials are aimed at stock an option trading, but apply to FOREX. I find FOREX easier because I'm not searching through a large universe of stocks every day to find trades. For my money, technicals are the only way to trade with an eye out for market moving news.


rmorin112 I agree that there is just too much information to absorb and really own it. I'm overwhelmed as well, not just with all that Apiary offers, but I'm also going through other training books and sites as well. There are so many different strategies and honestly, none of them seem to work for me. What I'm doing now is profitable, (a mix of everything I've learned) but it's not consistent and has no rules and a lot of drawdowns, so I'm trying to change that.

The only thing that has kept me going is coming across people who have shared on Apiary or forexfactory that they are making money. Each one has used a different method, so I don't think it's really the method so much as finding something that works and perfecting it.

I'm not sure if it's OK to endorse people, but in the last few days I found Trader Allen's site, all free and I've been helped by it. It's scalping based off of Bob Volman's method. I, like you, would prefer to trade longer time frames, but scalping is the only thing working for me, and barely, at that, so I'm trying to perfect scalping until I can move on to the higher time frames. Here is the link in case you want to look into it:

So many times when reading about people who are making money in forex they will say they had an "aha" moment where things clicked and they began to be profitable. A lot of them shared about losing a lot in the beginning. So, I don't think you or any of us are alone in this struggle to make it work.