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My name is Dao and I am new to Apiary Fund. I am glad to be here and to learn and improve my skills as a trader. It's great to be apart of this community and I look forward to connecting with everyone here.

If there is anyone here who is using Alveo on Mac please reach out to me as I am having trouble setting up that platform for Mac and I really do not use a Windows PC anywhere in my home. It would greatly be appreciated if there was any help on this issue.

Thank you and glad to meet you all!!!

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 7:49pm
Mike Smith

Apple? Why would you use Apple?


I think you would need to run a program like Crossover. I know it can work with MT4, but don't know about Alveo.

You can try it out on a free trial.


Welcome Aboard!


Hello Dao and welcome to the Apiary Fund!

I am also a heavy Mac User. not a fan of windows but since i started trading last year I have had to jump back into the PC world.

At this time, the Alveo platform is only available on windows. You can run Windows on a Mac computer using either Crossover or Parallels software.

If you dont want to put windows on your Mac, then create a new windows system on a separate external Hard Drive then Boot into this system when you want to trade on Alveo.

I have a cheap lil PC that I built just for trading. When im not home, i just connect to this PC from my MAC using Teamviewer.

Good Luck!


Hey Dao,

I'm very successfully using my MacBook Pro with Oracle Virtual Box VM running Windows 7 and using two screens.


Welcome to the hive
I wish you the best