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New Trader Seeking to Understand How to Trade Successfully

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New Trader Seeking to Understand How to Trade Successfully

My Name is Valeta Murray and I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I am a Registered Nurse by profession but I met in a motor vehicle and droke my two arms and a leg. I have gotten over the difficulties of adjusting to my disabilities and my mind is active. I buy and sell on eBay in order to be self reliant. I am not giving up on finding ways and instruments in earning money but I also want to complete a degree in Healthcare Administration. One of my goals is to own and manage a facility which teaches and facilitates proactive care and invests in assisting persons to find a cure for all preventable ailments. I am a believer that nutrition plays a great role in diseaes management. This goal in serving and helping persons in improving their quality of life is my main driving force to to want to trade. Of course I want to purchase some necessities in life such as a house, car, and invest in real estate and land, if all goes well.

I love to trade the EUR/USD pair . I aam trading mini lots at $10 a pip and I am so excited. I am currently trying to set up different charts and would like to know what should I be asking myself when I am putting in the values on a new chart.  

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 3:15pm

First thing I recommend is to go through the courses Library>Courses and accomplish the Achievements for each BeeLine level.
Second is to develop a trading plan. Work on this while going through the various BeeLine Levels.
Third understand and apply money management.


Hellol Valeta.
I am new to this as well. I am watching the videos and they do seem to help. Would like to speak with you more about the preventive health care. Please email me a


hint: it is the opposite to USDCHF if it help you...


Hi New Traders ..

1. Set up your chart - set your chart to candlesticks, and use colors to show the up candles and down candles
2. Plot the Simple Moving Averages 20, 50, 200 And 8 Exponential Moving Average..
These are the Moving averages all the money makers in the world use..
3. The 8 Exponential MA is called your T line( trigger line) Also you will need to put Ossilator Stochastic on your chart with settings of 12,3,3

4. Watch the videos on YouTube by Stephen Bigalow to get a good understanding of how candlesticks work
He will teach you about the 12 major candlesticks signals to look out for. Even though his concepts are based on the Daily chart and he trades Stocks .. it works the same way for Forex

5. Make sure to pay close attention to how he explains how yo trade Gaps

6. A Doji followed by a Gap is your best
If they Gap it up in the oversold area, meaning stochastic is below 20 it’s a buy .. strong price move ahead


Stephen Bigalow on YouTube .. Candlesticks