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No order execution

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No order execution

I am using Alveo Beta.  This morning it went through a software upgrade cycle.

Now my orders won't execute.  The order appears on my orders board, but it says it is processing.

I have had an order "processing" for ten minutes.  I am stuck.  I can't cancel the order, it won't flatten.

I quit Alveo Beta, and went into Alveo.  Same thing.  No order execution.

What is going on ?



Thu, 09/08/2016 - 8:50am

Yes, it seems frozen of sorts. This has happened before. Log out and in again. See if that helps. But, it WILL come back. Hang in there.


Alveo it also very slow today.. Beta just frizes all the time.
I think they are work on the servers.

I just made 1 trade for 10 pips today and called it a day.
Too bad.. i could get more pips :(


Alveo beta was just updated to correct order execution problem.
Tried a trade, and still no joy.
My two favourite pairs are moving in opposite directions big time,
and I am locked out.

I know, I know. This is "new" technology, and it takes time to shake the
bugs out.

Still, that won't stop me from complaining.


Markets have settled into accumulation.
Trade executed in less than a second.

Schranz Trading

Sometime it is good to use the old alveo with a stable version. Beta comes up some times to early maybe the reason is the summit 2016 but I think the guys are working hard to solve this beta problems.


Can someone tell me if you need to register on the new Beta Alveo to have it work?
I enter my username and password, but all I get is a Dark screen and Alveo Beta disabled - "Server not connected" message at top.
I can see the details of my acct when I have to close the Beta version, but not before that.
I have sent support at Apiary an email but they could take a while to respond.


Hence, beta...

However, bugs cannot be discovered and fixed without taking the software for a quasi production run. THANK YOU ALL for your efforts!


Man, I wish Alveo had frozen up on me about a minute sooner. Would've stopped me from getting whipsawed.


Best of luck (skill) in the future. It's very discouraging when there are equipment failures.