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One click trading

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One click trading


When I use the one click trading, I still get a pop up, where I have to confirm my trade. Is it possible somehow skip this pop up? So it is really one click trading, because this way it is really 2 click trading :)

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 5:59am

Yeah, far as I can tell Alveo does not support one click trading (you can't name a window 'One-click trading' and say the platform supports one click trading!!)

I am right now looking at porting the clicker I made for MT4 to Alveo, I know MT4 has a proper 1-click trading but I did this as it performs specific tasks for me.

It will likely be cut back to just have option to long/short with a optional stop-loss in pips and fixed lot size. Nothing more initially, if one needs to adjust lot size by stop-loss size on each trade then one-click trading it likely not needed (as time to compute that would negate the need to enter market in one-click!)

If I do it I will make it freely available to anyone here via my Github account. Of course anyone is then welcome to fork it and add ppull requests.

This may not be possible though if Alveo does not support creation of button widgets like MT4, I really have not investigated at all as I only just joined.



One Click works dandy, just set your settings under the little diskette icon at the top left or F2, you might also what to have the variables set under the next tab over.


Lol, well now I feel like a fool!! Its worked exactly as expected now I ticked that box!

Thanks Rookie, you saved me some grind in code editor there!


Guess I am used to MT4 which prompts you first time in a new account to enable 1-click.


That's why Alveo does not suck ... it's the best trading platform I've seen so far .... for one click trading (+spreads)


Yeah, I see now why people are saying its best for scalpers, I see it now, definitely beats MT4 in 1-click department at least.


One Click only starts it.

It's the ability to manage your trades on the chart, which is outstanding.


Most platforms offer that I think., Alveo makes it easier to move limit orders though (but also more risk for accidental moving)

One thing on MT4 I can right-click any order on the chart then "Modify" to enter/modify a stop/target. Any idea how to do this on Alveo?
Not a biggie really as you can do it from the Orders window, but nice to do everything on chart and minimize open windows.


Got it.. thanks :)



"One thing on MT4 I can right-click any order on the chart then "Modify" to enter/modify a stop/target. "

In the 'Order' view it's the right way to do it, IMO.

When scalping on the charts, that would take too much effort and time for me to change anything there.

Moving the lines up and down is perfect enough


what is the top spot % R used for and how does it help the trader




Yes, that's a very confusing field. I've read somewhere in a thread/topic the exact explanation, but I never use it.

I know my risk/money management already before I enter a new trade.

Don't know how many people are using it actively, maybe it's a training/heads-up thing for the beeline?


one click is designed to let you know what your potential loss could be. You should always know what your risk is before taking the trade. Here is a lesson from a super trader

One click operates off your equity and you inputted stop loss. The take profit as absolutely nothing to do with he calculation.
If you play a little but it will be plane to see the number of trades to take, by increasing the %R the number will also change.

You can also see the pip value if all is entered as 1.

So maybe on a scratch pad keep track of the risk you have ongoing to not exceed whatever limits you set for your self and as trades close subtract accordingly etc.

Also by adding multiple trades of a 1% risk tolerance in say.25 lot sizes, your have effectually decreased your overall risk and can scale out at need be.

Obviously, it is helpful to bend all this in with your win-loss ratio and a few other stats.


not sure where these Questions should be loged but here they are anyway. What dothey mean?

1 Liquidity provider timed out

2 current state processing

3 could not be closed : processing:

these are notices sent on Alveo?

Thankyou Wara


@wara, send to support or better yet with trade id send to


Curtis did this psychology class on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
While covering a few subjects with emphases on why "Plot Trade"
at around 20 minutes the subject turned to lot sizing and utilizing the one click with %R.
One of the best examples I have seen to date.
Also as the one-click places market trades, how to use it as a calculator for stop or limit trades.


A better few-click trading method for me: in Settings menu set up default quantt, profit & loss variables then Enable One-Click Trading (Chart). To use it click at the desired price level in the chart, then right-click, and click on Sell (or Buy) Limit (or Market). The order is placed instantly with L/S Price, S/L, and T/P exactly as wanted (assuming limit ok with Current Price). Subsequently check T/S when appropriate.


very helpful Rookie. Searched for the same topic and read your solution. Thank you.




I really like the one click trading function on the Alveo software. It really makes it useful when you're scalping. I hope to develop both a good scalping strategy/technique and a longer term swing strategy/technique. If anybody has any helpful suggestions on how to improve on these strategy/techniques i would love to hear about them.


Rex has a class on Monday evenings called trade development and consistently reviews the one click and how to best use it.

Wayne Lee

I only discovered the one click setup about a week ago. Just love it. Set the lot size, TP & stop loss, just click the button and you're in. Then take the time to adjust the trade instead of messing about in the popup window. Great for scalping.