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One currency pair trading made my day of 200+ pips

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One currency pair trading made my day of 200+ pips

on a Friday morning after I came home from my graveyard shift, I took time quickly to setup my lapto to attempt to catchup with the New York and London Opening times. Clicked my Alveo icon to start

downloading the trading platform. As soon as the chart screen settled I noticed EUR/USD chart was showing volatility and my one click setting was 0.1; 0.1%; 25 TP; 15 SL; TS Active. At the desired entry price, I clicked sequentially 6 trades at M1 time frame and let them run. At first all trades where showing loss pips. I noticed the price moves was long and short for a while. I went scalping for other currency pair. But time creeped on me and realized closing time closed my trading before I could the close the open ones on EUR/USD. I was wondering what would be the result on the next Sunday opening? Since two days passed I went in to check on the following Monday morning after work time. To my great surprise as clicked the Ordet

History I saw big pips on the 6 trades. On the Beeline Achievements 5-5-5 and the rest we’re all shown completed! I believe Lady Luck showed up in these trade! This is a pleasant turn

around that I still scratching my head for any good explanatio.

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 9:34pm