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One Mouse One Keyboard - Multiple PC's


One Mouse One Keyboard - Multiple PC's

Hello Bees,

Since so many traders use multiple computers - I myself have 2 desktop PC's (one with dual monitors) and a laptop on my work desk; but I use only one keyboard and one mouse across all of them - it saves me a ton of desk space, and provides some awesome drag'n'drop features, as well as overall simplicity etc...

I thought I would share a great (albeit) tiny Productivity tool that many of you probably wish you had at some point or another.  The concept of KVMs and Wormholes have been around for a while now, but usually meant extra hardware and cables, and did not involve an easy user setup experience - Welcome to today's KVM world - using your office's NETWORK (wired-or-wireless-or-both) to share one set of HID across multiple computers - simulating the same experience as having one pc with Multiple monitors.

There are many FREE options available to meet the goal - First if you only operate Microsoft based operating systems across all your PC's then please look at MICROSOFT GARAGE MOUSE WITHOUT BORDERS. although originaly designed with wifi in mind - it works flawlessly over LAN as well or a combinatin of both.

The second popular option If like me you operate a plathora of operating systems and are maybe a little bit of a geek - you will love SYNERGY - its free if you compile it from the GIT source -or- 10$ to download it from the author.

and finally here's a list of alternatives as well


P.S. Both options above work seamlessly with ALVEO as well.



Sun, 03/22/2015 - 11:21am

Thanks JF! I am hoping to get a new PC soon (I only have a laptop with an extra monitor). Though my laptop works fine, I know they have a shelf life :P

I will definitely be using this once I get my new PC! Great share


JF, I love my KVM.


Could not imagine being without it.


I read about it somewhere, and I do think we can really benefit from having this mouse app.


I REALLY need to look into this! Mostly I just use my desktop computer but at times like to have laptop available as well. Problem is that when using both I tend to go to desktop keyboard and mouse even if I am attempting to do something on laptop. I'll be looking at laptop screen and wondering why nothing is happening. :) HaHa.
Thanks for the information KennethC


Had no idea this was possible. I've been juggling two computers, two keyboards, and two mice for some time now. I will definitely look into this!


A handy tool,thanks for posting


It is definitely good to know about this possibility!

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks to this post - this setup was possible...

David H

Hi John
Thanks for sharing. I have been using a KVM for linking my PC and Laptop for years with reasonable success, and needing to press a button to move from one device to the other. However with downloading Mouse without Borders, the whole process is simply seamless, and I now don't have to press anything to move from one computer to the other
Much appreciated


I'm glad you found this tiny gem useful... i can't live without it now.


This is really cool, I didn't know it existed. I trade here as well as Stocks and have to keep jumping back and forth with two sets of keyboards and mouse.

Thanks for sharing


thank you for sharing




Thanks for the detail. Do you know if there is a way to link charts in Alveo ... so that when you change pair, it would change the pair for multiple charts?

Thanks, again.


can't do that, Alveo is good for trading not so much for charting, most here use for charting.