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Opening Multiple Workspaces

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Opening Multiple Workspaces

Hey Guys!

I have recently watched an Alveo You Tube video showing how to dock charts in one workspace, but Im keen to know if there is a way to have Multiple Workspaces open at the same time using a multiple screen setup? I currently have two monitors plus a laptop, and so it would be very useful to have 2 monitors showing two different workspace setups.


Many Thanks & Happy Trading:-)!


Thu, 03/21/2019 - 5:11pm

As with most systems (like TDA and TOS for my futures), one Alveo window must host the main information like order, order history, watch list, One Click, etc. That host window becomes the main link for all further extensions including multiple charts. Notice when you float an Alveo chart, there is no separate order pulldown that follows it. So, that somewhat proves my description here, I think.

For the record, I once had six screens (all 23 inch). Now I have three screens, two 23 inch and one 55 inch on the wall so I can blow up charts. Yeah, it's cool and saves my aging eyes. The point is Windows allows everyone to have multiple screens, although I have six graphics cards from earlier days. The bottom line is that every system (Alveo, TOS, etc.) usually only allows one main workspace, as I understand them; but extraneous charts are only limited by memory.

That's my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


Like fsherosky said, you can use multiple monitors, but you can only have one instance of Alveo running.

I can see wanting to view multiple charts if you have open orders on different currency pairs, or if you are waiting to open/close a position, but I mainly use my second monitor to open up the same chart on a different time frame. I like to drag 2 charts onto my second screen with 1hr and 5min time frames. On the main screen with the toolbar and one click trading window, I dock my 1minute time frame. That way, no matter which chart I'm looking at, I know that the order window is for the respective charts.

Alveo Screens.png
Nick Sammy

I have a couple of retail accounts that I use when I find a need for watching multiple workspaces.

I have a laptop and second computer set up for this when I feel interested.

Hope this helps


The multi-screen set up is great! I use a laptop, then also have a 42 inch monitor above my laptop. This allows me to put multiple charts up of different time frames for monitoring. I also have another 42 inch monitor to my right which is used at times when I have several trades going on. This all helps to keep me on my toes as I scan the charts. My husband has traded for years and he helped me to get this set up and it works great!


That is a feature worth investing development time. I have Tradestation and I can have multiple Workspaces on each monitor. Food for thought!


I use Alveo for all of my Forex trading with Apiary, but I do my chart analysis and trade tracking in TradeStation. With TradeStation I can have many different workspaces set up for the various strategies. It also has alerts that you can set. I find a level that I want to place a trade at and can set an alert that tells me when price is approaching the level I am interested in. For the most part, I find that Alveo just lacks a lot a functionality that should be a basic component of the software.


I use TradingView for multiple charts/time frames. Basic plan is free.


I like the idea of multiple workstations as well. It would be nice to have it set up with charts per pair with the order entry to make it easy to manage and quickly enter orders.


Has anybody experiences with charts on MAC computers?


Has anyone set up multiple workspaces? I would like to set up a workspace with multiple charts of various pairs as a broad overview to assess trending pairs versus pairs consolidating.