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Orders history

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Orders history


Many times when I want to analyze my trading afterwards Alveo can not read enough historical data, especially not in M1. I know I can download the trading history in an excel spreadsheet, but from there I can't load it into MT4. Is there any script, indicator or program what can put my trading history on chart from excel sheet? Something like PlotTrades script in Alveo? Or how do you analyze your trading later?

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Fri, 02/21/2020 - 6:55am

I load the trades in the chart at the end of the day, mark the chart, take a screenshot and put it in my OneNote journal so can can come back to it later


SMB Capital uses a web sits for postmortum analysis which loads from a spreadsheet.
Sorry but I don't recall the name of the site, if I come across it again I'll post it.