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Sun, 04/22/2018 - 8:13pm

Today is my first day, I am only listening seems a lot of generic orientation which is good. Want to find out what is a scheduled, consistent, Curriculum of training. Like in 1,2,3 form.


welcome khalil1331

if you keep the 1 lot trading will be key to your success, when real money comes, then you'll begin to make dreams come true.

keep up the good work

this class in calendar on april 18 / t2018 is very helpful if not seen all ready


copy and paste link if not working by just a click.

hope it helps

enjoy the journey


Hi Orock and thank you for the email. The fact that I am replying to your email this late shows there is still a lot to learn to navigate the system.

I am just about to finish Silver one by Monday end. I spend a lot of time watching the charts and I am happy for what I have learned, it is not done yet
but I am going to, it looks like to settle for Moving Averages and confirmations than fast fluctuations.

Orock, you mentioned that I do better if stay with one lot. I agree, however, I am not sure if you mean the .01 Lot or a Whole Lot.

I have been having Multiple .01 Lots. I need to understand more clearly how to manage my Risks and it will change for me when I am in $1000 funded account.

Whatever I need to be doing then, I like to do it now and, learn how to use the system. although I have traded more than an average new member and , I have learned a lot which was the reason behind my trades. Now, I need to refine a little more and settle down with my system( Moving Averages) and concentrate on Risk Management. There are two areas that I need improvements, 1- Stop Loss and 2-Lot sizes.

I am reviewing the training, there is a lot to learn but I think I get it and I do relate to charts and movements which is probably my strength. I do however need to be more patient with points of Entry, start with swing trading(a couple of hours or so) and Apply the Stop Loss to my trades.

I am Happy I am with Apiary, I take this opportunity very seriously would love to see myself helping someone else to earn a little and support their families.


Edward K Bakheshi
Los Angeles, Ca


I believe .o1 lot quantity is the theme of the fund at least until you get mush further along like the 2nd or 3rd level of G3.