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overnight trading

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overnight trading

I like overnight trading and i would like to say that I am proficient at it but im unable to at this time. Im still tuning my strategy and adjusting my parameters. hopfully i can get good and profitable. have fun trading and lots of PIPS.

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 8:59pm



Hello Jeff,

keep going, one day you'll get there. :)


keep at it and good luck . I am about to make my jump to gold 2 and just try to work it and make my pips and run with it.


I do a lot of overnight trading. i am in SC, we r eastern time so i always wake up around 2:30 or 3 and check things. ive held some trade that went bad last week and will probably be out with very little loss. At one point it was $1200 and now just over $300, but ive played 2 accounts against each orher and moved money back and forth. its been work but i feel better than loosing that much. i dont usually have any issues when i hold over night or weekends. i do check the currency exchamge off and on through the weekend just to make sure i have no big surprises. Good Luck!!! You'll find what works.


I like overnight trading as I am very busy during daylight hours. I am using Steve Perry's Whipsaw and SSI strategies which have been helping me with working towards being profitable. :)