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Overnight Trading success!


Overnight Trading success!

Thank you Steve Perry and your class on 1-5-2017. I watched the discussion yesterday afternoon as I missed your class.  I tried your set up suggestions last night and modified slightly to do less risk as I am trying to gain some confidence to finish up Siver2. I set some limit orders on EUR/JPY as that market was open. I set a couple extra non limit orders just in case the market really moved. It all worked (for a change) just as predicted. I was filled and profited over 30 pips on each trade (which was my goal) and woke up to a handsome postive green figure in my pip today account. I will continue to use your set ups and modify for my situation but it's definitely a nice way to start the day with pips in the account. Thank you!

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 3:06pm

Glad you found a way to make good pips, LaG. I need to look at longer term strategies now, but cannot find Steve Perry's class in the library. Care to send me the link? Please and thank you in advance.


Go to discussions and type in the search bar- overnight trading and it should come up. I believe it was 1-5-17 and he gad a class the week before.


Thanks for your input, LaG. I missed some of the class and will review the video.


Thanks LaG, I too will check this out.
Positive pips and more trades needed to keep me moving along.
Steve Perry is a very good instructor.


thks steve I;m trying this out


For me personally this kind of strategy works like a lottery. I mostly trade overnight and unfortunately there are days when I see my trades closed at stop loss.


I don't like holding overnight. I guess I will have to look at longer term time frames.


I struggle with "unwatched" trade because it seems even when you think you have a good entry point and you have establish an achievable take profit, and you have a limited stop loss point set. I find that I hit the stop loss point and then I am out and then the currency pair moves in the direction of my take profit. It does not seem to matter if I set my stop loss point well below the resistance, I get taken out. Any suggestions?


i am in the same situation with lo842. I would gladly welcome some suggestions also. I seem to be doing things in the opposite direction - opening when I should be closing and closing when I should leave it to run!!!


I use overnight trading strategies almost exclusively as my schedule doesn't allow me to sit and watch trades. If your getting stopped out, I might suggest using a longer time frame. I almost always use the daily chart for my over night strategies and occasionally the 4hr chart. You may end up holding your trade for a day or two, but it works.


The break-out set up almost worked for me but my buy limit order was 1 micro pip too wide. 114.110 and came down to 114.111

Seriously... ?

It came THAT close and then took off and never looked back. On the sell limit side, it blew right through the fill and s/l in one bar. It was a good set up. I'm warm and fuzzy about that. "they" just always know right where I am in the market.

In fact I was already in long there and got stopped on 1st pos and bailed OTM on 2 pos. which both would have been in the plus (at 114.11) had I just rode it out (with a 2 pip wider s/l on the top side)


I like the overnight setup of Steve Perry where he uses the High and Low points of the Asian market to set up overnight trades using the GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs for the start of the London market. You can find his seminar from the Apiary Fund Fall 2016 Summit from this link:

I found out the hard way when I used my own approaches it was a hit and miss affair. Steve offers an approach here where he has experienced more success than I ever had using my own plans. Like all trades, there is risk involved. But the risk management approach he uses should get you ahead in the long haul. So far I have just started using this strategy in a demo account and am very happy with the results. If I like the results for the rest of this week I shall be using it in my Gold III $1,000.00 funded account next week. My goal is to complete Level I successfully and qualify to move up to the Level II funding of $2,500.00

My objective is to make as much profit as I can at higher and higher funding levels so I cam make a living solely using the Apiary Fund.

Happy trading everyone.

Edwin B


Thank you for highlighting the above strategy


I started out trading on the short term frame but lost too much gaining little. by error, I left a trade running overnight and to my surprise finished positively! I then thought I might try placing one or two trades overnight to see the result and it worked again - with time I came to realise that i was too hasty in coming out of a trade whenever i saw it going against me but with the long term trade; once set up, just leave it to run its course and most of the time comes out better than when I did the 1m, 15m, 1H timeframes. I'm still working on a strategy but I have reduced the fear factor in my trading decisions by going long. As I am still on the demo account, I do not put in stop losses for now because in the past, it stopped me out of a trade too quickly before things turned around. I'm now working on being confident with my decision and going for gold.


I - never - put in a trade without a stop loss- even if you use a trailing stop and adjust it to your preference stop - i almost always use the trailing and move it as the trade moves - it will not let your away from the screen though !!! - just set it out about 2 times your profit if you want to , and leave it - hope that works


Generous suggestions from Apiary mates. I look forward to apply the strategy for the few pairs soonest!


This has become my go-to strategy. A little bit different set up each night as it looks and as the previous days diid. Sometimes 3 days in a row bad or bust, then a few good days of 120 to 500 pips.


I use the breakout strategy with a modification, instead of placing the orders a couple of pips further of the high and low of the Asian session, I use mayor support and resistance levels. I found that if the price breaks a mayor level at London opening, that volume at that time, could push the price further than breaking the Asian range. I it breaks both, even better.


Does anyone else have problems with pending overnight trades. I will set up a number of breakout trades between 10-11 pm pdt, go to bed, and when I get up in the morning the orders fill and close within 1 second after I move the mouse or enter alveo!


I think I saw some discussions on that issue and the Apiary recommendation was to download the latest Beta version.
Several traders did and said it resolved there issue with the 2-second closing. scroll down to the bottom of the page.

BTW it may not be best but I use all market orders and have not had this experience.

Alex O just one...

I have been mainly scalping but I know I need to start back and forward testing these overnight setups.Thank you for your posts.


Thanks LaG for point out Steve's Class. Anyone looking, just go back to 1-5-2017 in the calendar. It's still there!



i havnt had any problems, keeping fingers crossed


Here is Steve P's overnight trading video!