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Pending orders have dissapeared

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Pending orders have dissapeared



I woke up this morning to find that all my pending orders had dissapeared from both my Sim and Silver accounts. They were set to GTC and until now I have not had any other problems.Has anyone else experienced this?



Wed, 02/03/2016 - 2:13am
jack k.

hi Stuart,
there was a problem with the data feed suppliers, and it seems that with all of us, the orders are gone...
I had 5 24hr trades running and was in line of finishing silver 1 today....., too bad.

This data feed problem is rising a lot of questions, a bit worrying......


Hi Jack

Thank you for letting me know, sorry to hear about your trades for Silver 1. that is very annoying. Fortunately I didn't have any open trades.

I do think it is a fairly poor show that we pay a monthly 'tech fee' and that is the thing that holds a lot of people back.

Best of luck completeing Silver 1, I am also working through it.



yeah , same happen to me .... five trades force close..... but is ok i set new five trades.....


what's going on first wouldn't let me enter order now charts won't load?


I was just able to open a couple positions for the 7:15am CST news with no problems. We'll see for how long it stays working...


Thanks for the post's. I also lost 2 trades this morning.


You also might want to check your trade history in case all of your pending orders triggered and exited (hitting your hard SL/TP [provided you had them]).


I lost 2 trades as well :(


Did you all call in and let them know, I hope?