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Pips in Alveo

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Pips in Alveo

Wondering about the way pips are displayed off by 1 decimal point in Alveo because it's something that has always bugged me a bit

Open:  109.555
Current price:  109.680
Pips: 109.555 - 109.680 = 125 pips

But, in Pips column it says 12.5
Just a little weird to me why pips don't display as 125

Anyone know the reasoning behind this or am I reading this wrong?


pips.png23.63 KB
Sun, 12/01/2019 - 9:00pm

Math wrong.. Meant to say 109.680 - 109.555 = 125 pips


Its because of you're trading usdjpy. In this pair the pip count is done starting at the second decimal, so the third secimal of the value becomes the first decimal of the pip count:

68.0 - 55.5 = 12.5