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Pips/Unrealized pips have stopped updating

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Pips/Unrealized pips have stopped updating

I am watching the Alveo screen and although the prices are moving up and down, my pips and unrealized pips have frozen and are not updating??

Anyone else seen this?



Tue, 11/03/2015 - 1:31pm

Haven't seen that but the other day I was watching 4H, 1H, 5min, and they all were showing different prices. I refreshed the screen and all was well!


I experience it all the time. When a trade close out at profit the profit and PIPS still show 0.00 in the history and nothing seems to help not even refreshing or restarting.


Yes. Last seen this today.
For the last several weeks I have the impression Alveo is less missing / skipping more data than normal. Big gaps in in charts, prices delayed. Also, every time it fills a TP or SL , it takes several seconds to re-draw the chart and in that time the rest of it is frozen or off-line. Today has been worse than usual, as it lost contact with the servers for several minutes. I don't know if any of this is specific to my machine or not, but my internet connection is definitely working at full speed while that is happening.