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Pivot strategy

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Pivot strategy


I am watching the amount of bars between hitting the 200 EMA.

Watching (or entering) in trends and looking for a reversal trade

Do not get in when it is only in consolidation.

When it gets about 400 bars  and at a major support or resistance I look for candle patterns for an entry.

Then I used missed pivots as targets as wekk as miving back to the 200 EMA

SL is put by the S/R levels.

Sat, 12/08/2018 - 4:57pm

Nice, simple and easy to understand. My question is , on what time frame works the best? And how often do you get this kind of setups per week?


Thanks for sharing. Keep winning and keep refining your play.

Just be trading.


I don't quite understand you description. What does the phrase: " amount of bars between hitting the 200 EMA" mean? Also, when what gets about 400 bars ("When it gets about 400 bars")? What does "it" refer to? Are you looking back 200 to 400 bars of history? What does "Then I used missed pivots as targets as wekk as miving back to the 200 EMA" mean? I assume you have a 200 and 400 EMA plotted. Are these bars ABOVE the 200 EMA for a BUY? Are you using a 200/400 EMA crossover technique for entry/exit?


Sorry I have not looked back here at my post. THe time frames I use are usually 1 hr or 15 min. I am still learning this so not sure but I think I get 1or 2 a week but some weeks could be 4 or more setups but I cant follow that many yet.

For the bar counts, after the price crosses the 200 EMA I watch for 400 bars (15 min bars or 1 hour bars) so 100 hours or 400 hours

Are you looking back 200 to 400 bars of history? YES

Just a 200 EMA but look at 400 bars back. Or wait till it gets as many as 400 bars to look for trade.
So when the price bars are below the 200 ema I will be looking for a buy as I see signs of a reversal.
and a sell when it was above the 200 ema look for signs of reversal to sell.

then when I scale in and it reverses I look at daily pivots that were not hit as targets for it to return to.

Not a crossover. Thanks for asking questions so I can clear this up in my mind also as I try to explain it better then learn it better as Teach it.


Hello Dorothy,

Hope you are well. I am wanting to start using fibonacci, do you know of anyone doing so? So far I have mostly been using a modified alignment.

If anyone reads this and is doing fibonacci please feel welcome to email me at ""

thanks & God bless