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Placing a Fib Retracement on a chart

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Placing a Fib Retracement on a chart

Hi!  I would like to place a fib retracement tool on my chart but I do not know how....Maybe I haven't seen the video - or maybe there isn't a video...  Any help would be appreciated!!  Thanks!

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 4:20pm

Hi Charmaine and Welcome to the Hive :)

the fib tool with it's default's is fairly easy to use. you just click on it in the Alveo sidebar and bring it to the chart. If you are measuring a pullback in a down trend you would go from your pivot high to your pivot low (the high will be 100% and the low 0%).
You would do the opposite for an uptrend (first the low and then the high)

Hope that helps,