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Anyone else having trouble with Alveo.  I have contacted support and we have run an internet speed test which seems to be fine.  I run Alveo on both PC and laptop with the same results.  Even doing it at another location produces the same results.  It seems that it is not refreshing very often.  I really can't trade in real time, although its not too big of a problem.  Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues that they successfully worked through.

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 2:06pm

I have modified, removed and repaired in the past. These changes did not work. Finally, I have removed all workspaces, etc and it seems to work just fine for anyone facing similar situations. It is definitely on my side. There is a price to pay as I have to wok through some of the setups again, but the important thing and much less work is a complete delete and clean install.


I've had some trade discrepancies where my short trades closed above my entry and the system was showing it as closed due to TP and they all closed at the same strange spot with -0.8 pips where I neither set the TP or the SL ... e-mail sent to support still waiting for their findings ...


all kinds of issues lately. complaints from many people. Does anybody at Apiary handle problems with Alveo? Seems to be getting worse and never a general statement from Apiary as if nobody cares.Getting a little scary and Im just pre-fund. Cant imagine dealing with this crap with real money!


Alveo is insane. It's making all the usual errors mentioned before, and has given me losing trades when they did not lose. But the worst one was when price was clearly moving up at a good rate, as the same time as the pips on my order were going further into the red. My buy trade was then stopped out while price hit my TP far above. I could not believe what I was watching. I reported this ages ago. No response.

Currently Alveo is 'finding server' - everything else internet connected is working just fine, but Alveo is not able to find its server. Beginning to think I might be better off forgetting Apiary and going private.

I'm not a great trader - far from it - but when your trading software is against you what chance do you have?

Larry Shinabargar

I have been having the same problems also. it is frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alveo down again within 8 hours, unbelieviable


I would like to know what hardware is the best to use for this platform. For instance, PC or Laptop or mobile app? Or a "gamer " box with ultra res, maxed out memory, 3 monitors? Maybe 2 stations at once. Does anyone have a recommendation for an ideal setup for the intermediate and scalper traders?


My setup is a MSI GE70 2PC Apache gaming laptop with 1Tb of SSD HD and 16Gb RAM. As I run an encrypted version of Linux I had to install virtualisation to successfully run Alveo which was designed for Windows.
I did this by installing the free "Virtualbox" and installing an old copy of Windows 7 under that. I allocated 4Gb RAM to Windows 7 and a 25Gb partition on my SSD drive. I then created a network connection, and the emulation works fine! Alveo is a bit slow at loading - probably because its downloading your working trades from the cloud (which keeps a backup mirror image of your setup).

So if you have a powerful home computer or are a Linux user, this is the only way to install and run Alveo. There are other virtualisation options you can use. But Virtualbox seems the one that gives you most control.


dtmcginty I have used my Dell laptop and my Dell PC. They both work great. Not super fast. Just use a single monitor. Nothing fancy. You wouldn't even know I was a trader. Thinking about multiple monitors later just to make back testing easier. My trading system doesn't require much, so I plan to keep it simple. Besides I would like to continue to have a realistic set-up that would allow me to enjoy my coffee in Italy or tea in London or beer in the Bahamas while placing my trades.

Apiary has come a long ways since I have been with them. They will work it out. Hang in there guys. They have always done me right when my SL didn't trigger. I get a little frustrated, but nothing to complain about when I have so much of someone elses money to trade.


Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble with my desktop computer. My hard drive has crashed 3 times in the past 3 weeks. This is a major distraction because it is also 3 times in the past 20 years.

While my PC is in the shop I have put Alveo on my AWS instance. I have 1 gig of ram on my AWS instance and Alveo requires 1 Gig of ram. Expectedly, I have had performance issues.

Is there a Alveo light available that has a smaller ram requirement?????

Many thanks. (Knock wood for me, hopefully I can get my desktop back by Monday).


@wwfriedland - sadly no, there isn't a 'lite' version - BUT- yo can render your own running copy into a lighter running platform.

What i found to help greatly was;

Keeping Chart numbers to 4 or less and NO watchlist
Keeping Bar numbers as low as possible - 175 is fine if trading the right edge, but some indicators will need more like an EMA200 needs at least 200 bars...
Keeping Indicator numbers as low as possible - 0 being best.
Keeping your AWS instance running as light and efficiently as possible will also greatly improve Alveo performance - - check out this link - 'tweaks' at the bottom of the page -


@wwfriedland, how frustrating not know what OS version or what you may have done to cure the problem,

always make a restore point before running a cleaning program and reboot after each program is completed its task.
Make sure you know hoe to start into safe mode just in case....
for keeping my computer clean I use regular MS defender and it allows other security programs to run as well.
Then my primary defender cleaner is Malwarebytes Pro which doesn't like to run with other security programs.
After that I'll run SuperantiSpyware Pro
Then I'll run Registry mechanic on the low or medium mode the more that I think maybe wrong the lower the setting and especially for the first time as there may be many errors to fix.

After all that Run Tweakit, you could always run it first and it will ask you to do this anyway.
You don't need the paid version but run it thu completion and let it do its back up and fix things, this will take a few minutes.

Also is it safe to assume that you have already run scandisk and reorganized the data on your hard drive?
also if you have another the computer around or hard drive with enough space left you can always just transfer your data over to it before your repairs. For win& and I assume Win10 they make a cheap transfer kit about 30 bucks but what a time a worry saver and all you data is moved quickly with very few questions from the software.

Worst case if you have saved your data and can't repair the hard drive but most can be repaired for free with the above but if not then you can bring the HD back to original drive with bad sectors and all by formatting to zeros then remormatting to what the operating system needs and then reinstalling the OS so have your MS code (several blocks of four) written down legabely someplace. Then hopefully you had the OS CD but if not, before have download your os onto a pen drive and you can install from there and it will ask you to format the drive and do what it needs especially the boot sector.

Hope that help if you need more just message me off list.

Good luck.


I really like the Alveo platform, as a scalper I can quickly manage multiple trades at the stroke of a mouse click.
I can honestly say that I've never had a problem with Alveo.
It also give all the info I need to stay within the Apiary parameters.

Jerry P.


Any one having problems with Alveo keeping track of the # of trades or keeping track of anything? Site keeps crashing. 2 days in a row now I have pocketed over 200 pips, even with crashes and it isnt keeping track. I just went to Gold 1. It seems the deeper you get, the worse system gets.


Ok, here it is May 1st and im up and at it trying to "break the record" today and this is the 3rd day in a row that nothing is even showing up on my platform. It is keeping track of nothing. so I ask myself, why am I busting my ass for this? Again the platform was disabled and it took 1/2 hr to get that situated. I quit trading for 1 1/2 yr due to the platform problems with Meta trader, I hope this isnt truning into the same kind of problem. When you do get an answer from HQ, it is a stock, straight out of the book, answer. I dont believe half of the support staff knows up from down. If they loose their "playbook" theyre lost. Just my opinion. Im just blowing off steam here.


@piplayer53, sorry about your difficulties and you have my empathy. Perhaps I can make a few suggestions but first I need to ask a few questions.
1. How would you rate your computer savvy?
2. What kind of computer are you using?
3. What operating system is installed?
4. What is the computer mainly used for?
5. Do you have children that share it with you.
6. What is your antivirus software.

That should do it.


Problem is corrected. I had no idea when going to Gold 1 you had to activate the account. I hadnt done it on any other advance so far. I lost everything in Silver, but gold started tracking immediatedly. I think if i was ever told that, I would remember. Thanks anyway Rookie007


@piplayer53, very good. glad you back in order. Use your clean Silver for a sim account...
Happy Pippen trails

rabbitFoxFX probably forgot like I did when I went from Silver III to Gold I. you forgot to trade on your Gold account ... you most likely are on your Silver account and that won't show in your stats till you go to account settings on Alveo and change to the other account.


pipplayer53.... I am in Gold II, but I like to use my previous accounts as well to practice different strategies. Gold II is $1000 and you need to be very careful with your lot size and risk. So I trade very carefully in Gold II to fulfil the requirements, but at the same time I can try other "things" on my other accounts.


The newest issue I'm finding in Alveo is the stop losses are not being triggered. I've called support severals time in the last three days about it. They reject them, but its annoying in the meantime. I'm almost afraid to trade in the meantime since I think it's going to stop me out due to risk.