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Please submit a ticket for Alveo "finding server" issue

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Please submit a ticket for Alveo "finding server" issue

Please submit a ticket to support about the server issue.  At the bottom of all apiary fund pages under "System Status" it shows green and if you click on it it states that all systems are operational right now although many of us seem to not be able to log in.  ALso, there is no support personnel available that I know of overnight or on Sunday evening.  We pay for this technology monthly. 



Mon, 10/08/2018 - 1:30am

I am getting that issue as well


I haven't been able to get into Alveo all day.


Running into this issue as well.


I haave already submitted a ticket. The more of us who do that, the better it is.


Ok, glad to know its not just me having issues. I haven't been able to sign on since the Asian open, hope they fix this issue soon.


Same here, on both: Alveo and Alveo Beta, today only Lndn session has activity as there are hollidays in US (and Canada) and Japan,


i have submitted a ticket also this morning here in uk


same in Aus