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Portfolio Trading

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Portfolio Trading

I try to make this as stupid simple as possible and I really want to open and pretty much walk away but check in hourly for the first few hours to make adjustments. Ive tried many variations and short stops a kill trade for me. What seems to be working and I just added a sma to make trend designation easier to spot. Here it is 50 sma, standard macd, 3/10 macd and candles. Those are the tools for making decisions. The money management is 66/43 TP/SL with first 1-2 hours of verifying correct direction on pairs and making adjustments as necessary. My daily goal is currently 200 pips. 25 pairs used daily open and closed. Start at 4pm pst till following morning works best for me. lot size is .05 lot, currently. This is intermediate trading. After watching the Bankers Close I think I will do a bit of that in the moring with europe closing just for giggles and kicks. Oh, the SMA is 50. Thats it. Try it out if you like it improve on it practice it and make a lot of small lot trades first like at least a thousand. You should know the platform and alignment systems well prior to doing this. Set up 1 click trade in systems adjustments. I found less than 33 SL is not for me I want it to have room to wiggle around and it does. Shorter SL you will be slaughtered, dont go there. You can use a smaller TP but for me its not all that important because my daily goal is 200 and once I hit this mark clearly Im out for a tea break or more sleep. 33/33 will work if your on top of the trades but by my design I don't care to hover over the platform for endless hours, thats why I have done that already trying to get to this point. Anyhow I suppose thats enough.

Cheers David

Sat, 12/01/2018 - 3:25pm