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Possible first cheque?

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Possible first cheque?

Hello everyone,

I got funded not long ago and now I have $2500 account, last Friday balance(Sept. 18) was up $2608, then I had bad day Sunday opening (Sept 20), after hit risk, all my trades been closed, my balance is $2476,(I checked midnight 3Am Mountain time today, Sept 21) now I know I can't put Stop far away and went to sleep. It is very disappointing.

now its 8:30am in the morning, my balance become $2368. nothing happened between 3am until now, no trades at all. $2476 - $2368 = $108

Does that mean Apiary will cut the cheque $108 * 60% and it will be on the way? this is my possible first cheque?
anyone knows where we can check the transaction and make sure $108 has been taken out for that? or I have to ask Support?

thank you for your input.

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 10:44am


Your profits are determined at 00:00 GMT when the 19th becomes the 20th, regardless of your local time zone.

If your account was profitable at that point, you should get a check, as you described. I'm reasonably convinced these checks are determined on your closed positions. Depending on when these bad trades closed, you might be alright.

In Alveo, there is a Ledger icon, which has your deposit and profit history. That'll get updated real soon for any accumulated profits.


thank you so much bro @broslansky for the detail you explan. you are rihgt, looks my bad trade closed at 9/21/8:14 GMT time. (my local 1:14am Sunday), so its after 20th 00:00 GMT. yay! so the cheque might be on the way? I emailed support anyway.

I have a month to fix that hole. lol

but in Alveo, I dont see Ledger icon that shows deposit and profit history, could you specify where the icon is? thank you so much.


Alveo, top row toolbar, the dollar bill next to trade history.

Also when the 20th falls on the weekend the swipe will occure on monday same time.


oh, i see that Ledger icon, its on the top.
yeah, it did show 'Withdraw -108.46 for Sept Profit"
thank you sssssssoooooooooooo much bro!


that's good to know too, thanks @Rookie


so in the case of when the 20th falls on the weekend, better not trade until after the swipe happens avoid the confusion.
hopefully i can work out the hole to have something wait for that moment. lol


you're welcome, as for stopping to trade, my POV what is your average loss when you have a loss day.
What is your average win day? So if in the last few days leading to the 20th you had a loss that you could not earn back in whatever time is left stop and just wait, do not risk a loss month.

Working out of the hole is easy if you forgive your self for getting into the hole in the first place, then you can trade free of the bias.



Friend to friend, listen to Rookie. If you're running a profitable month as you approach the 20th, switch to a sim account. Book your profitable month, as it's more important than all else right now.

That said, you may want to review your exit policy, as losing a max Alveo 5.00% risk might be disclosing an area you should reconsider, specific to your stops.

Risk Management will be your greatest alley through your forex trading.

Slow and steady, we'll grow together.


Thanks bro and Rookie, very good recommendation.

I will work on the analyst for couple days before back trading.
before this hole, my expectancy looking good, although average win < average loss, but I have 4: 1 win/loss ratio, (amount of winning vs amount of losses), not bad i would say, until 21th hit 5% risk.

I know my mistake, 1 put stop far away than my usually do. 2. thinking take a fluke that loss will come back, let loss run big before fall asleep.
I need work on my Risk Management and reconsider my stops and positions. 5% should never ever happen again. luckly this hit happened right after the swipe, at least I can have something wait for this month. lol

I will try forgive myself for getting into the hole in the first place trade free next..


wonderful just be kind to yourself


Just think like ... it's the 19th ... you are plus in your account.

What do you do?

Trade for a few bucks more, or take the risk to start over again for the next 3 month ... then it's xmas already ;-)


Or, if there is that strong urge to constantly trade one account, just open a 2.5k private account.

If the funded account is in profit around the 10th-15th of the month, stop trading it, leave it alone and trade your private account. As
a benefit, you can keep 100% of your profits for yourself.

The goal for every funded trader "must be" to get an increase first, more funding. Everything else is secondary.

I'm a little bit talking to myself now, mistakes I made ;-)

It's a better strategy then putting all your eggs and trades in that one funded account basket and risk to have a losing streak a few days before reset on the 20th.

Have something in parallel to trade with ...


So correction to the above on the sweep when it falls on the weekend,
It does occur on the Friday before the 30th however it will not be seen in the account until the following monday,


Important is ... reset is on the 20th. Don't trade a few days before if you are in profit.

The money arrives on Pay Pal on the 11th next month.


Everyone who trades a funded account in profit on i.e. 18th / 19th etc., before the 20th reset day, needs to get a traders health check
(just joking a bit ;-)

Discipline, it's part of it.


really good point @robunited I hope one day I can count for 'if there is that strong urge to constantly trade one account, just open a 2.5k private account.' lol
now i am just strive into digging the hole out.
but you r absolutely right, if in the future 15-18th profit, then i will stop until after the sweep for sure.
this is first time for me. :-) no experince


"Trade for a few bucks more, or take the risk to start over again for the next 3 month ... then it's xmas already :-( "
this is exactly what happened to me this month.
luckly my bad trades closed Set 21 after Sept. profit taken, but I have until xmas to fix the hole. :
big lesson learn. :-(
good point. @robunited


Candice " I hope one day I can count for 'if there is that strong urge to constantly trade one account, just open a 2.5k private account.' lol"

Or just switch back to your prefund/sim account for a week and trade this to further fine tune your system ;-)

(in Alveo, top right corner, click on your 'account / funded level' and select a previous sim account)


Thanks Robunited, I am working on doing more analyst, re-fine and strict my rules, try to dig the hole out.
Sometime I do simulate account just on my phone with MT4.


Candice, 2,368$ is not a hole per se, I have been in deeper ones! ;-)

As you say, practice on Sim, fine-tune, and take the high probability trades on your funded ...


ugh Rob it is a hole of $132.00 and yes I have been in deeper also. But the magnitude of the hole lies in Candice's average profit per session traded and the number of win sessions in a row vers the number of losing sessions in a row.

For example, if the trader earns 0.50% per session it would take approximately 11 days to get back to $2500
For example, if the trader earns 1% per session it would take approximately 6 days to get back to $2500.
Now, what is the average number of positive & negative sessions in a row and some clarity is provided.


That's great Ed ;-) Good calculations ...

"For example, if the trader earns 0.50% per session it would take approximately 11 days to get back to $2500"

0.50% per day is a good and modes target, very doable. Even if it's 0.25% - 0.30% per day ... then it takes a bit more.

Still not a hole, part of the normal learning curve.

A hole, I only can look up and see the blue sky, very far away ;-)


Ed "Now, what is the average number of positive & negative sessions in a row and some clarity is provided."

My guess is you would only know if you record and journal your daily consistent sessions, then you get to an average

Expectancy, if that is for example on 13.20$, it would take you 10 trades. If Expectancy is 1.3, a hundred trades? I hope I make
no calculation mistake here now ;-)

And then you can calculate how long it would take you, how many trades or how many days.

In any case, you get the drift, 132$ is very doable to get back to 2,5k. It's not something to get too frustrated about.

0.30-0.50% every day and you are back on track in 1 - 2 weeks.


Didn't say it wasn't doable just putting it into perspective, I have accomplished this more than once...
as part of the process of learning a consistent process.

Not "0.30-0.50% every day and you are back on track in 1 - 2 weeks."
while a daily,050 is very doable but to accomplish in 12 days persons not one loss day.

And yes I do track that and keep a daily spreadsheet journal currently just for scalping.
however, on the sessions bases, I mainly track the session wins vs losses and they're average,
Changing either one changes the expectancy.
Rob another advantage of having this knowledge at your fingertips is the odds,

Let's say a trader has 8 winning sessions out of ten but only 4 winners in a row. So after the fourth winner, it would be to the trader's advantage to reduce the sizing on the next trade or two until the loss session happens, then it's back to biz as usual.

I know a few scalpers that track this process after every session.


Ed "Didn't say it wasn't doable just putting it into perspective,"

And you did it very well, with plain and clear calculations. Everybody should now be able to calculate how
long it takes on average to get back to break-even.

I was just trying to motivate the OP that this was not too deep of a hole ... very normal and doable ;-)


Folks, in Kevin's money-risk management class this past Wednesday approximately 25 min into the cast what is needed to fix a drawdown is covered. BTW the topic of this class is recovering from the Dreaded Dwar Down.

Discussion Topic: Money & Risk Management Class
Type: Live Discussion (Trader Live) Difficulty: Medium
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 10:00 pm America/Chicago change timezone
Instructor: Kevin Pyne

Excellent Class! Enjoy.