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preferred pair

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preferred pair

I feel good trading USD/JPY in the 1m and 15 m timeframe.

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 9:09pm

congrats on silver II


Great job with silver 2 - congrats.
Usd, jpy, gbp and eur are probably most traded currencies so usd/jpy seems to be a good choice. Good luck with trading !!!


I also enjoy trading USD/JPY in 1 minute and 5 minutes time frame.


I like the spread. Just have to watch the move if short term. I am also playing with the NZD/USD


I agree the USD/JPY seems to have a nice spread most the time, I like to find a trend on the hour and play that direction on the 1 and 5 minute charts.


Ah, USD/JPY... My faithful friend. Here's to more great trades.


I did very well today with the USD/JPY but I stopped and looked at the daily rather than sticking with the 5 min and gave back some darn/ I still think USD is going up soon and could make 50 pips or more. That was my mistake to early to the trade.


I also like to trade XAG/USD risky at times but nice when you can caught the move with a small stop in place.


I do not like to restrict myself to trading any one pair. I prefer to quickly look at all the aviary pairs on the daily charts before deciding which trades to make, that seems to work for me.


I like Todd's way of going through all the charts to spot what he is looking for with price touching the 89HMA line. He scans for what will work based on his knowledge of his system. Happiness, 3 pips at a time!


The JPY has so many long tails, I find it hard to find a clean period of orderly trading.


NP oel, just count the tails as part of the candle for you trend and chart drawing to set the TP&SL
Remember to toss out the extreme outliers.


The USD/JPY has always been my #1 perferred pair.


It seems like each pair has a unique personality. Has anyone taken the time to document tendencies or characteristics of their favorite pair? It would be really interesting to see what people are finding. I started trying to analyze the EUR/USD pair for some basic things like which hours are most volatile and average swing by hour. I'll attach it to this post - the analysis is based on hourly EUR/USD data from 4/27/2020 through 6/23/2020. I'm no mathematician and I made up a couple of the calculations like volatility index and average swing. If anyone knows of real terms/calculations I'd love to learn it!

It would be great to see what other characteristics people are tracking about their favorite pair(s).

Timezones and Market Opens.xlsx 15.3 KB
20200623 EURUSD M30 2500 Periods.xlsx 249.78 KB

Kirby thanks for the charts.

The time zone thing is good.

Would you have that first-time zone chart on other pairs??


Nicely done Kirby. Did you download the data right out of the Alveo?


@Rookie, I haven't done any other pairs yet, just because it's a bit of a pain to grab the data and then smash it all together, but I'm hoping to do them one of these slow weekends. When I do I'll be sure to post them here. Are there any other metrics you can think of that would be helpful to see?

@Josepfpfister, yeah, just pulled up an H1 chart and downloaded to XLSX. I was trying to get 2500 periods, but there's a bug in Alveo right now that limits you to 1000 periods. The Support team said this bug will be fixed in an upcoming release, then we should be able to look at a larger data set.


I learnt how to trade with Usdjpy when i was new @ trading, perfecting entry and exits, i scalped it for 7 hours straight, walked away with 110 pips, this gave me the confidence to try it on other Yen pairs, so done same with Gbpjpy and Eurjpy, i really enjoy trading with Gbpjpy its one of my favourite pairs to trade along with Gbpusd, GbpAud, GbpCad.

I manage to do 635 pips trading Gbpjpy and Eurjpy today, Happy trading fellow bees


Groucho, pretty amazing day!


I do my best @ Rookie :) looking forward to trading the Non farm payroll on Thursday


I'll have to check out the USD/JPY pair for future trades per spread.


I stick to those with low spreads. Often the JY fits into it and often it's moves are about the same ranges as the US dollar.


my favarite pair the last 3weeks is eur gpb it treated me good


reading through the forum is helping me reevaluate my trading plan


Being new to the FOREX trading and Trading in general.. when picking a trading pair to choose... Are you folks looking at trends, pricing patterns and when the markets are open for the time zones you're living in? Just wondering



You hit a couple of points. Personally I trade the GBP pairs during the Eur/London session because the GBP pairs tend to move the most, allowing for good to great RRR and that is the time they usually start their daily moves.

Today being a prime example.

Hope that helps,



I traded through all of the pairs at first, which helped me to learn a lot about what not to do. Then found that I could see opportunities easier in GBP pairs and EUR/USD so I focused on those. I look for trending markets with enough volatility to make a profit, depending on which time frame I am considering.


I mostly trade the GBP/JPY at night because it usually has movement, but not always. 8 pm-10 pm central time. For the last month, I have been getting up at 7am to trade. I trade GBP/JPY, EURO/USD and GBP/USD. I find the pair that is moving the most, preferably in a dominant direction. I scalp the 5 minute and the one minute.


I favor the EurUSd & USdJPy by reason that the spreads are a bit lower on these which allow the taking of a number of small trades without a huge broker bill to overcome.


Is it just me, or does anyone see the USD/JPY trading similar to EUR/USD lately? It never did that before except on occasion.


Frank go to JPY Futures and it will show that the Yen is trading very flat. no price fluctuation to speak of. Then look at the EURO futures and you will see price volatility.

See JPY futures Chart below:

JPY futures Sept 13.png

GBP/USD 10 days 684 pips

GBPUSD Sept. 14.png

Super Trade, a great example.


I heard Japan got a new Prime Minister. So, Abe is out. Regardless, is that the basis for a fundamental cause for the Yen flat personality? Disclaimer: I did not see that one coming; busy with other things, I guess. And even if I did, I would have thought it would have been a cause for more volatility. So, I would have been wrong anyway. Lesson noted!

And TriGiuy's mega-pip performance makes me wanna cry for myself. LOL. But I did get a good sleep last night and did well in futures!


I've had more luck on the USD/JPY pair than I have on any other pair. I have been averaging 50 - 100 pips on this pair. I'll take that anytime.


I am still trying to learn and it has been an experience. Not making that try of pips.