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Preset Stop Loss and Take Profit

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Preset Stop Loss and Take Profit

Is there any way to preset a stop loss and take profit so when you place a stop order your stop loss and take profit will automatically populate in the Order dialog box?


Thu, 03/10/2016 - 11:29am
Rich-So- CA

have you tried the variable menu under "code"?


Please look under my name in this link, I posted one there. I don't have the picture with me at the moment.


Yes you need to go to alveo go to top tool bar and click on variables. when that window comes up you go to another window. it gives the default just hit add and put what you want in. you must put default-quantity exactly like it is at the top. than continue on with the other default. Just remember it has to exactly like the top.


Agreed, it is in the same dialog as this video:


Greetings everyone,
I am fairly new to apiary trading and for the last three weeks I've been trying to properly enter and exit trades. Whenever I do a sell or buy I get a message indicating that the sp or tp numbers are incorrect. Can anyone please help?