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Price and time cycle

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Price and time cycle

Beside counting the bars manually and measuring the chart to compute time and price cycle is there an indicator that can compute this? i was thinking of using the dots in parabolic sar? 

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 7:54pm

Insert -> Indicators -> PriceCycle
Insert -> Indicators -> TimeCycle


I will try that hak when Alveo starts working again, probably Sunday afternoon.


There something new to learn about Alveo everyday! Is there a manual or guide?


What are the recommended setting for both the Price and Time cycle indicators?


Thanks Hak havent used that one yet


I use 6 for the setting, I think Nate recommended it. As long as you consistently use the same setting it should not make much of a difference.


Thanks for the question and feedback.

I'm looking to get right on it and apply it right away.


I haven't used the price time cycle indicators but am willing to try them