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Price Styles

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Price Styles

Hi Everyone
Is there any information available somewhere about the different price styles and how to use them,in particular equi volume,equi volume shadow and candle volume ?
It would be nice to have access to these things and how to use them ,how they are drawn.

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 4:31am

Hello caflischmartin ….Alveo is a proprietary program and still under construction. I believe you could use another charting program to monitor price movements and, having Alevo open in the background, switch over to place trades. May work for you, I've read where other traders here do that.


I do that,still I would appreciate to know functions available on Alveo wich I dont find elsewhere,the volume shart is one of them.
To have things available with no explanation what they represent is not very useful.

ALVEO Price Styles.jpg