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Problems after recent 1.3.2 update

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Problems after recent 1.3.2 update

Hello Hive!

I updated Alveo from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 today and I've had a couple problems. First, after the initial install I got a message when trying to log in saying "internal Error". I rebooted my computer, and that seemed to fix the log in issue. But after logging in, I can't bring up any charts. I have my Market Watch window open and I can see the priceses change, so I believe I'm fully connected,  See attached picture for error message.

Alveo Chart Error.PNG35.53 KB
Tue, 05/19/2015 - 7:52pm

Hi rkwarner2,

I'm with you, I had the same issue earlier; I re-installed alveo and still had the 'internal error' message. Thanks to your advice, I did reboot my computer a second time and that seemed to have fixed the issue for now! Thank you!

In the 'Alveo crash' thread, BobB48 had a good idea and let us know to just click 'okay' on the warning dialog until it closes all bad charts, then try loading a new chart (no templates or workspaces, start fresh).

It did work for me after I rebooted, hope this helps for now. I agree - I hope the culprit code can be found and 'neualyzed'.

Chuck B

SEE COLTON'S 11:59 am EDT POST !!! :-)

- Chuck B