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Problems with Alveo

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Problems with Alveo

Hi, I have problems with Alveo. I trade simulated account, and sometime when I open a trade, it closed them out in profit, even if the price did not reach my target. It happend couple times yesterday too. Am I the onlyone who have this problem?

Alveo Beta 2020-05-28 10_52_30.png194.67 KB
Thu, 05/28/2020 - 5:02am

No.....had a great BO yesterday...up 22 pips in minutes....waited and hit again for 3 pip gains 3x's...suddenly I somehow lost 15 pips when the price movement never moved!!!
it was exhaustively defeating. This is the worst part of Apiary, never having anyone tell report this stuff to unless you buy some expensive tutoring.
Forums are great but there should be someone to speak to when needed....I feel like I need to reanalysis everything I've been ego has really been taking hits lately and although I won't, I just feel like giving up, especially when that kind of crap happens. It's a real kick in the teeth.

My first indication of yesterday was that the charts wouldn't populate properly, maddening, simply maddening.
Be's not you , it's me!!! Or Alveo.


yup.... having similar issues.....


Thanks for answers. Maybe the updates don't work good. I hope they will fix it soon.
Robert don't give up. Technical difficulties are the part of our game. I know they are very frustrated, but we can count on them from time to time. Even Shawn has problems with connections sometimes...


I have had same issues while in prefund account and now in the funded account. I was up 7% in gain and had about 15 contracts each with over 30 pips gained and suddenly, in a blink of an eye all of my contracts closed and my history indicated those contracts were 21 and 27 pics loss. My % went down of bellow 2%. I reported this issue and I am awaiting an explanation. I feel the Alveo platform is unreliable when one needed most. I am planning to closed my trades at 21 pips or so. What do you all think is going on?


I respectfully suggest that Shawn divert some of his TOS winnings to fixing Alveo issues. The fixes needed are not rocket science. All that's needed is a commitment to delivering a quality/robust system free of bugs, especially considering our so-called monthly "technology fee."


ya well what I don't like is that we cant trade gold or silver any more


Barb, you have the option to use your personal tradeing account...


I had some open orders disappear this morning. Fortunately they would have been losing trades LOL


OK right now a bunch of orders just randomly closed out in profit while they were 3pips in the red


Barb, Shawn talked about that yesterday. It's coming back soon, but he can't say how soon. The LPs are almost ready.


This is ridiculous!!!!

More pips taken away on winning trades....SL's hit with SL 20 pips away!!!!!!

I am having my own issues digging out of a hole I put myself in..........this doesn't help and I am losing any faith that I will ever create additional much needed income.

Fix the damn platform...................


Hang in there @robert. I know how frustrating this can be


Shawn was also having issues in the trading room yesterday - said he'll talk to the devs.


wait you where in a loss and Alveo closed u in profit? and the problem is........ just kidding,happened to me as well. Im sure they will get it fixed.


I sent a support ticket and linked them this thread and the other one (


I have seen the same behavior in Alveo where I place a trade and it is closed in profit in less than a second. If price actually hit my target (I am wobbling so sometimes my target is only one pip) it was not visible on the screen. I wondered if the market volatility is the reason. Theory being price moves so fast Alveo cannot react in time to paint the new candle. Just guessing.


Problems still exists.

I had 6 positions closed a few minutes ago for no obvious reason.

In order history it says closed because of risk.

But my Daily return was only -0.90%. And the 2% risk per trade was not even close either. I use 0.01 lot size ,so 1 trade needs to be down 200 pips to reach -2%. correct me if I am wrong.

I cant blame Alveo for my bad trading but things like this sure doesn't help.


I had the same thing happen to me.


Same thing happened to me, all my positions were closed with none reaching loss limits.


it should be fixed now. Earlier there was a programming fix that caused an error.


Same here...all orders closed out.


well obviously the server I am on, is still being worked on.

I notice it is not affecting the Trading Room trades.


I had 5 trades close this morning because of risk rule. None were near the 2% per trade or was my account balance near the 5% drawdown.


Ok. Thanks Rookie! :)

LD Lewis

Is this affecting only simulated accounts?


LD I have no clue about that.


I am in a funded account. I worked myself out of a $110 drawdown. I hit positive this morning only to have it all taken away because of a technical problem. I guess I’ll start trying to get out again.


Geese Danny, talk about the good and bad... what a trooper!


Congrats on digging yourself out, Danny... I also had the issue of multiple orders closing out at 11:48. Wish that they would sandbox the fixes to make sure they don't break anything in production... I used to do dev work for my clients in IT but stopped because it is a pain... Hopefully, they will work out this bug so that we won't continue to get knocked out at the -$3.00 point...


Did anyone have the same issues with Alveo? I was in a EURUSD trade and the trade went against me about 2% all of a sudden all my 7 positions got closed under the title "Risk" This is now the 3rd time this happened under similar circumstances, being far away from the 5% .

Leo in Huronia

I had a similar incident recently.

I had several trades open, and suddenly 3 of them closed on me. It said 'Risk'. None of it made any sense as I was well under my risk allotment, (actually an understatement, I was miles away from anything like 5%) and I had my Stop Losses in place. They were small scalping trades. I had just opened them and they closed for a total of 1+ pips loss (or very close). I just kept going as I checked carefully to see if I hadn't made any errors, and I hadn't. Funny thing is, 2 or 3 other trades were not affected, and at least one of them was a larger position. A glitch in the program.

If I were to wish for ANYTHING, it would be for the trading platform to be RELIABLE AND STABLE. Do that, and then work on improvements. Test, test, test, and then plug in the improvements. I'm not a programmer, and I know better than that. Normally I'm not one to sit back and criticize, but at some point you need to say something.

I'll add here that I appreciate what the programmers are doing. I really do. But please, stability and reliability are an absolute must in this game.


Understand and we all definitely want a system that is reliable and accurate 100% of the time. In my early days, I didn't understand the 5% and 50 trade rules, and sometimes I would exceed the 5% and it would close out many of my profitable trades. Not saying that is what is going on, but systems don't usually make individual mistakes like some of you are talking about.

Keep up the hard will all work out! Dan


does anyone know how to solve the issue of having your limit orders executed when your PC is closed? Has it to do with my laptop or Alveo?


I believe it has to do with losing your connection with the servers. Everyone keeps saying to leave your computer running. Though i have not had this issue when I Have done long term trades. I usually turn my laptop off. so not quite sure. Sorry couldn't help more.



Could anybody tell me what the Magneto Profit and Stoploss do? How to use it?

Is it anything like 'Hulk Smash'? ;) Just kidding. Seriously how to use it?

2020-07-23 23_13_38-Clipboard.png

I think I got the above answer. But if anyone would like to add pls do. One more question, how do I change the y-axis grid spacing size (permanently save to template) such as if I want 10 pip spacing thanks.

2020-07-24 00_19_05-Alveo.png

Mike, I do not think that is possible.
I would also like to be able to change the side pricing bar to just display price that ends in zero or a five but that will never happen, either.

Maybe the new web edition will have more template adjustments, ...

Mike, for the magneto question, the answer might be good for a new thread,


FYI, I have been attending the on-line meetings whereby we can make suggestions for fixes with Alveo's tools. I know they are making a list and hopefully checking it twice for the cloud template version.

One meeting was very late and ran near midnight. It ended up with me and the guy in Singapore who was running the meeting and also collecting the data for the programmers. Not sure if he was a programmer, but I suspect he may have been. So I filled his ear anyway. LOL.


Frank what meeting is that? Is it on the calendar?

BC Rider

I have experienced similar issues. Crashes several times a day - misplaced trades - Work not getting saved. It's an everyday all day thing. I have brought the issues up - sent the files they ask for and nothing changes.


I'm having an issue with Alveo now where the splash screen loads but the app never shows up. Task Manager shows that it's not running. I've tried doing a clean uninstall/reinstall but the issue continues. Works on other computers fine.

Update - Issue resolved, I accidentally created an infinite loop while using the editor. After a reboot the app works just fine and the loop has been corrected!


anybody having trouble logging in


I am having issues today, I was logged in earlier and now I can not get back into the Alveo, I was in some good profits I was going to close and having authentication issues...

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.


I am having issues today, I was logged in earlier and now I can not get back into the Alveo, I was in some good profits I was going to close and having authentication issues...

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.


Its been happening everyday at 8pm est


the system seems to be closing profit or loss 20 some pips off of where its sitting. I was about to cancel apiary today( its on my to do list). Seeing this I see others are having the issue. It gave me a 55 pip jump last night. So I waited for all my trades to break 50. Had my best day ever lol.


Same here i was in four trades in profit and all of a sudden I'm down 64 pips. price never moved against me.


There is an Alveo issue that causes this, believe it or not, sometimes it happens in reverse with positive pips.

Yout should email support with your account number and the trade numbers, I usually include a cut and paste from the history of the order as well.


It's impossible to trade right now. I open a position with a 25 pip SL and a few minutes later without price having moved more than a few pips and spreads are only 1-2 pips I get stopped out with 30-50 pips loss. I have lost a couple of hundred pips for nothing... :-(


I have the same problem - lost 158 pips in 2 trades when the price didn't move at all! First trade had 25 pip SL and I lost 78 pips , Second trade I had 72 pip SL and lost 80 pips.

G Smit

I had the same problem.Lost more than 150 pips in 10 seconds on GBP/JPY


Send a screenshot of the closed orders and the days logs to The logs can be found by clicking the question mark in the upper left of Alveo and choosing Open Log files. Give them a brief explanation of what happened.

I don't know why it happens, but support has been very responsive whenever I've experienced similar issues.


Since when can't you call support?


Dale, now that's a hoot, while you are at it just try any of the usual extensions...LOL


It don't even give you an option to put in any extensions.


We recognize that there were issues with the server yesterday and many of you have trades that were affected. Please send an email to explaining your issue including the account number and trade id's. That will help us to get things corrected. Thank you!


Alveo at it again. In a trade up some pips and Bam down 30 some pips and price never move against me.


Anyone else trades just randomly closing?


My issue is, I want to put stop loses over my entry lines to garantee profits but they won't stick over. The return down below after dragging the line up. Any tricks to share welcomed ? I don't even know how to go high in the chart like in this video. It's like there is no up and down scroll line. My setup is running alveo on azure in a windows vm and am using a mac. Is there any page about common solutions to problems beginners face ?