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Profit every Month ?


Profit every Month ?

After 20 years of being scammed in the Futures,Option,Stock,Forex,Stockmarket,
Very Interested in what shawn is saying because no one else is discussing it

Nobody In the Finance world, claims that they can not remember theyr'e last loosing month, let alone can,t remember theyr'e last loosing week.

The Magnitude of that statement is mind Boggling to say the least.

Why is it "mind boggling" you say, because when the bank manager is about to approve your loan the first thing he or she says is " Can i have your last 3 Months Income Statements or Can i have last 3 Months Payslips.

But there is a sucker born everyday & today its me again i fear.

Sat, 12/29/2018 - 9:02pm