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The quality of 'Beeline'!!!

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The quality of 'Beeline'!!!

Since the institution of 'Beeline', I have been very happy with the way I have had to look for strength in myself to be able to be successful at each step. I have been an 'Apiary Student' for a long time, but I really have been able to see the progress that automatically occurs as I move forward with each new level. It can seem slow, and yet it is but a short while since the Beeline was put in place, and I will be forever grateful when I have achieved the final Gold level, that it was there, as it is such a positive proof of progress. Thanks, Apiary for this really GREAT idea, and thanks for your patience with us traders, even us older ones!!! I will be 68 in June, and feel this will be a great way for me to supplement my income as I go into retirement. Bob Eisele

Wed, 05/25/2016 - 9:42am

I agree...some of the quizzes have you actually placing and seeing what the MA actually do, expecially when changing the time periods....I was not aware how well you can see the activity of these lines and their different time periods! Their teaching methods are excellent! I love this learning!


I also agree, i was trading before I joined apiary but now i've seen such a huge improvement in my trading already. The beeline has provide such a great structure to work on the things that can help you to become a better trader, and it's just about keep practicing and keep going to the next level!


Welcome Bob,
I have the same experience as you have and I will be also 68 next month. Fortunataly I'm already retired and this is an interesting hobby and indeed maybe I will generate some more money in the future, because my wife and I like travelling.
A lot of success with trading.
All the best from Rodger, The Netherlands.


When Beeline was first started I asked "why" but I have found that each achievement -Bronze to Silver were teaching modules that has helped me to become a better trader. At present I'm at Silver 11 and my equity line has greatly increased. And hope to improve more as I pursue Gold.