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Question about indicators

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Question about indicators

I'm trying to set up charts in Think or Swim to mirror some of the chart templates I have in Alveo.  I like to use TOS for research on the weekends, when Alveo is often times down.  Also, TOS has some better charting options.  I can't seem to get some indicators (TOS calls them studies) to look the same--have same time frame, pair, etc.  On the ADX, RSI and STO, Apiary just allows you to change the period but TOS has several different options for measuring the period, i.e. Simple, Weighted, Exponential, Hull and Wilders.  Can someone tell me which type of calculation Alveo uses?

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Sat, 02/16/2019 - 3:32pm

In Alveo you can change settings for measuring the periods under "Price Options" in the indicator editor window. The same window where you change the periods.


"Price Type"