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Question for IT

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Question for IT

I'm wondering if the IT staff has bothered to look at any other platforms?

Even in these times of high volatility their charts and prices move like crazy, as a person would expect the markets to look especially in times like we are experiencing.  Even a novice can look at a chart and see that the market is in a time of high risk.  What we see here is failure to communicate both in terms of chart activity, and questions to members.

These are questions not Criticisms, so far IT hasn't answered any tech questions on a forum topic that I've seen, unless it is something they initiate, seems a lot of negitive response may never be posted if someone would respond to questions aimed at their department.

Maybe a person should be put into place just to answer IT questions?  Can't seem to get anything answered any other way?

My thoughts and opinions, take them for what you want, answer or don't answer, any none response will be viewed as, DUH are we supposed to test, have a working platform after upgrades, give customers what they are paying for?

I've also asked this question to support with the same title as above, if I get a response it will be posted here as well so we will see.

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 9:12am

No answers or comments from support or IT.